Shoreline Recovery Center, San Diego Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facility, Expands Services, Programming

Shoreline Recovery Center offers patients additional treatment through North Park-based Park Mental Health

San Diego-area patients healing from alcohol and drug addiction who also need mental health care can find it at Park Mental Health Treatment of San Diego on El Cajon Boulevard. 

The new facility is the sister of Encinitas-based Shoreline Recovery Center, a dual-diagnosis alcohol and drug rehab facility with flexible, personalized treatment plans that combine evidence-based therapies, clinical best practices and opportunities to expand job skills and training.

"On a fundamental level, what we're trying to do is get these guys sober and help them find a life of purpose," said Shoreline Recovery Center's Executive Director Kate Judd. "In order to create long-term sobriety, they need to have a reason for why they want to be sober long term." 

Established five years ago as a stand-alone sober living center in North County, Shoreline Recovery Center is a successful, community program where accountability thrives. The results are due to the curriculum, which is structured to provide clients with programs and services that create high levels of success with a focus on interest, purpose and assessments.

"A lot of what we do and provide goes above and beyond as far as development of purpose to reorient clients into a meaningful life without drugs and alcohol," said Judd. 

The No. 1 priority of Shoreline Recovery Center is healing the family system from addiction. This includes teaching parents what is acceptable and not when it comes to involvement in their adult kid's life.

Through integrated workshops, the center's professionals help families differentiate between helping and enabling during support sessions. "This is a huge focus of our work," Judd said. "The line between helping and enabling can easily become blurred."

Following the brunt of COVID-19, a noticeable need developed for additional programming that centered on mental health to better serve client needs and Park Mental Health Treatment of San Diego was born. The facility supports the same culture, accountability, integrity and development in purpose that Shoreline was built on.

Park Mental Health provides expert care for clients who need mental health and substance abuse counseling by providing comprehensive, individualized treatment plans that encourage clients to return to or create productive, happy and healthy lives. 

The center provides compassionate, evidence-based, primary mental health treatment for clients with mood (anxiety, depression, bi-polar), thought (schizophrenia, schizoaffective), and co-occurring disorders. It's comprehensive programming includes a multi-disciplinary team with psychiatrists, therapists and counselors, has a focus on equity and cultural competency and is LGBTQIA2+ affirming. For more information, call (866) 828-1220.

Source: Shoreline Recovery Center