Shore Lab's Kanban Tool Provides Visual Project Management for Remote Teams

Recent global happenings have indicated the need for most individuals and business teams to work remotely. Surely, some work will always require face-to-face conversations with the client, but developers at Shore Labs have been prepared for a decade with a tool that enables teams to collaborate remotely on all kinds of knowledge-based matters. Their excellent and timely Kanban Software facilitates and improves off-site teamwork.

The inspiration for the software was Toyota's Kanban cards from the 1940s, used to signal stock shortages on their production line. Where originally Kanban cards were standing for available parts, in today's application, each Kanban card represents one item of work, placed in a column that matches its completion state. Hence, a Kanban board is built like a table with columns – work stages, for example: backlog – in progress – done, filled with cards.

Another feature that kept its relevance from manufacturing to today's Kanban is Work in Progress limits. Teams are encouraged to only start work on a set number of tasks and complete them before moving on to further items. This helps to move on from multi-tasking and to get more things done, with far less chaos around.

An online Kanban basically establishes a visual process management board that helps teams to stay on top of their work, and remain updated on each task's progress, without having to allocate half of their day for conference calls. Kanban Tool offers invaluable functionality on top of this basic concept, i.e. seamless time tracking and reporting, process automation, recurring tasks and more. That lets teams complete work faster and without the chaos typically present in distant collaboration projects.

The boards are currently accommodating teams ranging from web developers, sysadmins, product developers, sales teams, customer service workers and members of virtually any other business sector.

The Kanban software allows team members to see the process flow, the journey, and the overall aim of a project. Hence, it simplifies problem identification while also helping to improve collaboration and speed up delivery. It makes it possible to connect requests and comments directly to given tasks, speeding up communication but also maintaining a team spirit in the process. This may be a welcome bonus today, given how desolate working from home can feel to many.

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