ShopVue MES Unveils Cloud Deployment to Support Manufacturers' Technology Advancement Strategies

ShopVue in the cloud provides manufacturers the flexibility they need to scale IT resources based on demand.

ShopVue MES in the Cloud

ShopVue, a modular Manufacturing Execution System (MES), today announced the availability of a cloud deployment solution. ShopVue now offers manufacturers the choice of on-premise or cloud deployment options based on their specific needs and preferences. With cloud solutions becoming more widely accepted and adopted, manufacturers can focus more of their efforts on producing quality products, without the concerns of IT constraints.

Manufacturers are transitioning to cloud solutions in record numbers, investing in modernizing their IT stack and adopting Industry 4.0 solutions. According to a recent survey, manufacturers will more than double cloud use in the next two years. Cloud solutions are enabling IT leaders to shift away from the day-to-day managing of operations to more complex strategic responsibilities, like solutions that enable automation and enhance the use of data to help their businesses stay efficient and competitive.

"Cloud-based MES deployment is often the right solution for manufactures who have strained or limited IT resources. ShopVue's Cloud MES solution offers the advantages of flexibility of scale, improved performance, and security while removing the overhead of maintaining and updating onsite data centers," said Steve Cascio, Chief Customer Officer, ShopVue. "Knowing there is no one size fits all solution, ShopVue provides manufacturers with the option of either on-premise or cloud deployment options."

Every day ShopVue looks for new and innovative ways to support its manufacturing client's needs to adopt digital solutions to remain competitive. Cloud adoption allows manufactures to meet ever-changing business requirements and is reflective of the manufacturing organization's readiness to take the lead in IT innovation; to embrace change, accelerate growth, take on big data, and IIoT initiatives.

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