Shopping Expert Claudia Lombana Shares Back-to-School Trends with Tips on TV Blog

The Award-Winning Journalist Shared Tips for Helping Parents Prepare for School on a Budget

Claudia Lombana on Back to School

Going back to school used to be a simple matter of choosing pens, pencils and a lunch box. Now, getting kids ready for school is a multiple-choice quiz for deciding the best technology and trends to help make a student successful. From kindergarten to college, shopping expert Claudia Lombana explains the hottest new trends and money-saving ideas for the new school year.


Cell phones have become critical to our everyday lives, especially for students. They need their phones to keep up with their schedules and to check in at home. Kids can be hard on phones, so make sure they are protected. Cover a student’s device with a fully waterproof and drop-proof LifeProof FRĒ case. This phone case assures that the phone is safe from drops and water. It is peace of mind. Before going back to school, go to Verizon or to pick up a LifeProof FRĒ case for select devices.


What we are seeing with back to school is an extended shopping season. It is not just the brief period before kids go back to school. Now, it is from May all the way through September. Ways parents can save big are by shopping at the end of the school year time frame. School supplies and items needed for school tend to go on sale. If possible, wait until September when most schools have gone back already for deeper discounts on items, particularly electronics. That is the key for parents to save on all of these back to school items.

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