, the First True Universal Cart, Launches Today allows users to shop and checkout across stores, with no retailer integration

Universal Cart

​​​​​​​​ShopCo Technologies announces the soft launch of the Universal Cart browser extension. can be used to easily add any product from any online store in the US to one universal shopping cart (with no retailer integration required), then check out everywhere all at once. also offers a unified order history, save for later area, automatic coupon finder, and order-related email inbox. The innovative technology behind is currently patent pending.

“Shopping has a core problem - even though we set out to shop for a project, like planning a party, we’re forced to go to multiple stores to get everything we need.  Big box stores solved this by bringing departments under one roof, but the choices are limited,” says Kimberly Cabot, Chief Product Officer at “Online shopping still works this way - you have a virtual cart that lives in only one store. We imagined a world where the whole internet is your one store: add anything to one cart, make decisions, and check it all out with one action. We’re so excited to finally crack this puzzle and bring a universal cart to the market.”

With over 20,000 users on the waitlist, the launch of has been highly anticipated by consumers looking for an easier way to register, shop, and checkout across stores. Oscar Cabot, Chief Marketing Officer, says “There is something magical that happens when a user experiences our product for the first time - it’s addictive. It fundamentally changes the way they shop for the better.” So far, has been rolled out to 2,000 users, and has already been met with excited feedback. has saved current users 12 minutes and 5 dollars per order on average, compared to manual checkout and registration.

In the coming year, plans to roll out a mobile version, an important step to unifying the shopping experience for the growing number of consumers who browse and buy from their smartphones.

About ShopCo Technologies

Jay Habib and Manuel Schoebel founded ShopCo Technologies after discussing Jay’s own frustration with the arduous process of online shopping. The duo began to dream up the idea of the browser extension, and in 2015 opened their office in Dusseldorf, Germany to begin product development. ShopCo Technologies expanded to the US one year later. The San Francisco team focuses on product, marketing, and customer happiness.

For more information or to request VIP access, visit or contact us.

Media Contacts:

Oscar Cabot, CMO
Phone: (415) 723-0296

Natalie Garnett, Marketing Analyst
Phone: (339) 674-6726  


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About ShopCo Technologies

View Website or Newsroom is a universal shopping cart browser extension that lets you buy any product, from any online retailer: no more registrations, checkouts, or losing your cart.

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