Shockoe Announces AI-Powered Event Experience Mobile App

Partnering with Brand Innovators, the new app designed by Shockoe offers a personalized event experience.

Brand Innovators App

Shockoe, a cutting-edge digital experience shop, announced today a new event experience app developed using the latest AI technology and tools in partnership with Brand Innovators, a leading event and community curator. The app will be launched during the Brand Innovators Marketing Leadership Summit at Cannes on June 17.

The new app offers Brand Innovators' event attendees a personalized experience tailored to their interests and needs. Designed with brand and marketing professionals in mind, the app provides information about the 400+ events Brand Innovators organizes worldwide. It empowers attendees to curate their event schedules and maximize their time at the events. A new conversational AI chat feature will allow eventgoers to interact with conference material and truly personalize their Brand Innovator experience. Not sure where to start? Ask AI what to look for at each event to get started.

While building the app, Shockoe leveraged proprietary AI tools and frameworks to decrease the go-to-market time by 40% while improving the overall app quality. The Shockoe team prides itself on offering powerful tools and an intuitive user experience in its award-winning work across mobile, kiosks, wearables, and immersive experiences.

“For years, we’ve been focused on how AI can improve the app experience and development process while still offering the exceptional solutions we’re known for,” said Alex Otanez, Chief Executive Officer of Shockoe. “This app is a huge testament to what our team can accomplish with the power of AI. We’re reshaping how people engage with apps while at the same time redefining how apps are created." 

Moving to the future, Shockoe and Brand Innovators will ensure the app evolves to meet the unique needs of each event and continues to offer the most value to attendees. The team behind Shockoe also looks forward to building on this success with future clients across industries, from retail and grocery to sports and entertainment, and bringing its AI-powered process to future projects.

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Source: Shockoe