Shocking Survey Says 71% of Plus-Sized Women Were Verbally Insulted for Larger Body Type on Dating Apps

News site, Mirror, summarizes the dating survey with title "Curvy women say they're being fat-shamed on dating apps by men who believe they're 'glorifying obesity'".

 WooPlus, hailed as an answer to Tinder for the bigger and rounder female population, recently conducted a survey asking, "Have you ever been harassed for your curvy body on regular dating apps?" among its 1,000 female members. The results are quite shocking.

According to the survey, over 71% of women said they were harassed and insulted on "regular" dating apps, because of their plus-sized body. A user commented, "I've been harassed so many times for both my height and weight. I guess I've triggered some size related existential crises." Another user expressed, "I've gotten some crap from blocks who I have politely told I'm not interested in. For some reason, they think fat=no standards."

Mirror News Report: "Curvy women say they're being fat-shamed on dating apps by men who believe they're 'glorifying obesity'".

29% of female daters said they have never been harassed on regular dating apps, though many of them admit they have been turned down before because of the size. A woman writes, "I've been turned down but not harassed thank god. We us curvy girls deserve to meet someone like any girls. Love has no sex, size, weight."

According to Co-Founder Michelle Li, "Although we know that on regular dating apps, many women have experienced unfair treatment, we were still shocked at the final result of this study. Our mission at WooPlus is to create many more female-friendly features, so bigger women have user-friendly and practical dating tools, and are treated with respect. On WooPlus, women who choose a dating partner will have more power and privileges, which they should have had a long time ago."

Michelle adds, "Someone once accused WooPlus of segregating plus-sized women from the mainstream, and I think this survey may be the best evidence for the value and real necessity of WooPlus. It is safe, necessary and welcome!"

The WooPlus app is dedicated to curvy lovers who want to send private chat messages to attractive bigger singles. The app comes with a special feature called the "Free Match Conversation," prompting curvy women and curvy lovers who like each other. They then connect through a private chat within 48 hours. If the neither of the two sides initiate a conversation in the given time, the suggested match automatically disappears.

WooPlus mirrors Tinder as users mutually "swipe right" before they are able to chat. Bigger women are empowered to find love, companionship and respect, as it should be.

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