Shnappy Releases Christmas Theme

Shnappy - Additictive endless runner mobile game is ready to celebrate christmas.

Gamers across the globe are talking about Shnappy, a captivating endless runner in which the aim of the game is to survive for as long as possible in a dangerous underwater world. Players must do their best to outswim Shnappy, the angry shark who is now even more aggressive and skilled at hunting down his daily feed. Lightning-fast single-thumb swiping is all you need to escape the shark and dodge oncoming marine life. But as you get faster and more skilled at swimming, Shnappy picks up speed and closes in for the attack. Shnappy has just released a Christmas version with a fun festive theme, new prizes, new challenging missions and a new festive addition to the Shnappy family of characters. 

The two new Christmas missions include collecting mistletoe to unlock the Father FishMas character and collecting Christmas bells to win a dolphin or bonus lives. You can still collect dash fish to accelerate your swimming and ‘power dash’ when Shnappy closes in on you, and ride the dolphin to safety. Shnappy is a colourful, addictive game which is full of surprises, such as the underwater rock caves where you can seek temporary refuge from the hungry shark. When you earn enough coins you can buy a dolphin to save you, a new character, or a dash fish to do a ‘power dash’ swim to safety. All you need to become skilled at Shnappy and secure your prime position on the leader board are quick reflexes and agile thumbs. This is a game the whole family will love and gamers of all skill levels can enjoy. You won’t be able to put your mobile device down this Christmas as you enjoy this relentless underwater chase in a deep-ocean winter wonderland. Just be careful you don’t get hooked! 

The Shnappy mobile app is available on iOS and Android. 

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