Shiv Rattan Kendra: A Premium Online Store Selling Authentic Rudrakshas

Shiv Rattan Kendra or is a store selling astrological products including rosaries, semi-precious and precious gemstones. It is also showcasing an excellent, high-quality range of Rudrakshas.

: Shiv Rattan Kendra or its online wing is a store that sells a wide variety of astrological products. It is featuring an excellent collection of Rudrakshas, available online for customers.

This was revealed by the senior managers of the company in a recent press meet organized in the city. They also threw light on the variety of products sold by the company.

Shiv Rattan Kendra has been in the business since 1967. It deals in religious and astrological products like semi-precious and precious stones, rosary or mala, and Rudrakshas (sacred beads).

“The sages of Hinduism invented the science of gems. This science is related to nine planets and nine colors. Nine precious stones are also recognized: Ruby, diamond, emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Pearl, Cat’s Eye, Coral and Hessonite. The colour rays of the jewels augur good luck for the wearer/owner. According to Ayurveda, oxides and ashes of the precious stones help in curing different diseases. The human body also is affected by the touch and contact with these precious stones,” said an employee of the company.

Semi-precious stones are sacred ratnas (jewels), which are beautiful as well as found in abundance. They have the ability to transmit energy and bring wealth, health and prosperity to the life of the owner. Common stones in this category include Iolite, Citrine, Amethyst, Green Onyx, and White coral, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and Moonstone.

Rosary beads or sacred Malas or chains sold by Shiv Rattan Kendra include Rudraksha Mala, Amethyst mala, Lapis Lazuli mala, Citrine mala, sandal wood (white chandan and red chandan) mala, Haldi mala, Quartz mala, and Lotus beads (Kamal Gatta) mala.

Shiv Rattan Kendra also features astrological prediction services. This includes a recommendation for gemstones, analysis of personalized birth charts and horoscope recommendation. “Get to know your astrological recommendations based on date and time of birth and which gemstones to wear,” said a manager.

But the star collection at is the Rudraksha collection. Rudraksha is a seed used traditionally as prayer beads in the Hindu faith. It is a product of the evergreen tree, Ealaeocarpus. The rosary made of these beads should be worn using chord or a thong, preferably avoiding metal.

At Shiv Rattan Kendra, there is a wide range of Rudrakshas available ranging from one face Rudraksha to 14 face Rudraksha. Apart from the fourteen types of Rudrakshas, the collection also includes Gauri Shankar Rudraksha and Ganesh Rudraksha.

“We aim to help people with their astrological and other problems. We have branches in Ambala, Haridwar, Haldwani, Faridabad and Dehradun. These five branches are just the beginning and we plan to expand nationwide in the near future. The main reason customers seek our services is that we are reliable and deal with only genuine products certified by authoritative agencies. Our online service has made our services more easily accessible and convenient to shop. We operate on terms of mutual trust with our customers,” said a manager on a concluding note.

About The Company: Shiv Rattan Kendra or shivrattnakendra[dot]in is a store selling astrological products like precious stones, semi-precious stones, rosaries and Rudrakshas. It also provides astrological services to customers based on their birth charts.


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