ShipHawk Celebrates 100 NetSuite Customers

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ShipHawk, the premier packing and shipping software for ERP connected companies, is excited to announce the addition of its 100th NetSuite customer to the ShipHawk family this week.

ShipHawk's Hybrid SuiteApp is built for NetSuite customers who want to process orders faster. By automating shipping decisions for customers, ShipHawk ensures that every order ships from the right warehouse, is packed in the right box, using the best carrier and optimal service, all without any manual decision making.  

"We are delighted to announce this milestone and look forward to furthering our partnership with NetSuite to help even more shippers," said Jeremy Bodenhamer, Co-Founder and CEO of ShipHawk. "Since the start of 2020, our growth rate within the NetSuite ecosystem has been over 100% and we're just getting started."

About ShipHawk 

Headquartered in Santa Barbara, Calif., ShipHawk is shipping software for high volume shippers. Most businesses spend a ton of time and money trying to ship orders more efficiently. ShipHawk's shipping software helps automate order fulfillment and eliminate worker decisions so businesses can take control of their warehouse operations. To learn more about ShipHawk, please visit


Source: ShipHawk