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Shieldz Technology, leaders in innovative headphone accessories launching patent pending Shieldz to protect and customize Beats and Bose headphones.

New Startup Shieldz Technology announced today that it is raising funds via to finalize the production and development of their patent pending wearable technology. Shieldz are thin, rubber-based sleeves that allow consumers to customize and protect their premium headphones (Beats, Bose, etc.). The company set out to raise $25,000 on Kickstarter to finish production of the first shipment of their latest innovation. The technology is targeted to not only preserve the headphone pads themselves, but to provide the ability to personalize the music component.

The founder of the company, Dillon Auxier, discovered a need for headphone protection after his headphone pads tore from continuous use. While working out, the sweat began to deteriorate the pads and eventually the material itself tore. (The acidity breaks down the high-quality leather used for Beats and Bose headphone pads.)

After researching online reviews, he realized that there was a need for headphone protection and designed a prototype. He observed the effectiveness of the rubber barrier after he discovered how much sweat had collected on the Shieldz. Once the sleeves were removed, the headphone pads remained pristine.

After developing the prototype, Shieldz technology realized the benefit of personalizing headphones. Ultimately, the company will produce fifteen colors, various prints and different sizes, giving consumers the ability to ad their own personal touch.

Shieldz is the first of three patented products that Shieldz Technology Inc. plans on releasing in 2016. More information will be available to the public on these other innovations by the end of March. 


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