Sherwood Lumber Prepares for Its 70th Year on Long Island and Is Tripling Its Capacity in Anticipation for a Sustained Future

Sherwood Lumber remains a staple of the Long Island business community as it prepares to celebrate its 7th decade committed to helping build the community it calls home.

Sherwood Lumber, a prominent distributor of lumber and building materials, is excited to announce its upcoming milestone of 70 years in business in Long Island. As part of Sherwood's long-term commitment to its future in the geography, Sherwood is proud to announce the expansion of its operations on Long Island. In a strategic move, Sherwood Lumber is relocating its Long Island facility and operations from Holtsville to the Brookhaven Terminal. This expansion will strengthen the company's position in the region, ensuring enhanced service capabilities and improved access to its products for customers.

Sherwood Lumber's commitment to growth and innovation has been underscored by its acquisition of Middle Atlantic Wholesale Lumber (MAWL) earlier this year. This acquisition allowed the company to widen its geographic footprint and solidify its presence on the East Coast, furthering its mission to provide high-quality products and exceptional customer service. 

With the move to the Brookhaven Terminal, Sherwood Lumber is tripling its presence on Long Island, which is a testament to the company's dedication to its customers on the island. While Sherwood Lumber will retain its space in Brooklyn, NY, and Elizabeth, NJ, which also serve Long Island, the Brookhaven Terminal will become the main hub for its operations in the region.

This strategic relocation will provide several advantages, including:

- Enhanced logistics capabilities, ensuring faster and more efficient delivery to customers on Long Island.

- A wider range of products and inventory for builders and contractors.

- Improved customer service and support for all Long Island clients.

Michael Goodman, Director of Finance/General Counsel at Sherwood Lumber, expressed his enthusiasm for this strategic move, saying, "We are excited to expand our operations on Long Island and create a more robust platform for growth. By relocating to the Brookhaven Terminal, we aim to provide even better service to our valued customers on Long Island and surrounding areas."

Sherwood Lumber is excited to embark on this new chapter in its journey and is determined to maintain its reputation as a leading distributor of lumber and building materials. The company remains committed to delivering exceptional products and service to customers across the East Coast.


Founded in 1954, Sherwood Lumber is a national leader, innovator, and solution provider in the lumber and building materials industry. Sherwood Lumber offers customers value-added services, including just-in-time truckloads, mill direct shipment, forward pricing, risk management, technical support, and superior handling from company-operated facilities.

Source: Sherwood Lumber