Sherwood Lumber Makes a Heartfelt Gesture to Brave Ukrainians

Makes $18,000 Donations to Three Charities Engaged in Providing Relief to Baltic Nation

Sherwood Lumber showed its support and solidarity to the brave people of Ukraine by contributing $6,000 each to three charities rendering them invaluable assistance. The charities receiving the assistance are the International Rescue Committee (IRC), World Central Kitchen and US for UNHCR, which are at the forefront of providing all manner of vital aid to the besieged people of Ukraine. 

"Our contribution to the humanitarian effort in Ukraine is but a fraction of what is needed to provide relief and succor to its unbelievable heroic people. However, it is important that everybody extend whatever support they can to a nation undergoing an invasion that threatens their very survival.  We must show them that their fight is our fight, and the world will not stand by on the sidelines," Said President and CEO, Andy Goodman.

The charities handpicked for the donations are at the forefront of relief efforts aimed at easing the suffering of the Ukrainian people. International Rescue Committee (IRC) is sending vital supplies to displaced children and families inside Ukraine and across the border in Poland. World Central Children on its part has been helping feed hungry families fleeing war ravaged Ukraine round the clock across eight border crossings. The UNHCR is the premier UN refugee agency that provides comprehensive long-term solutions in times of refugee crises like the one in Ukraine. They are spearheading the international effort to support and rehabilitate the millions of Ukrainian refugees who have spilled across the country's borders and spread out into the neighboring European nations and beyond. 

While the road ahead for the people of Ukraine is long and arduous, it is quite heartening that the international community has spared no effort in extending the fullest possible support to Ukraine in possibly the direst time in its history as a nation. The donations by Sherwood Lumber reflect the sentiments of people and organizations across the United States towards the unjust war being waged upon Ukraine. As Goodman says, "It is important that we as Americans and human beings show that we care about what is happening in Ukraine and will do whatever we can to support its brave people. It is a long struggle that they face, and we should all step up to the plate and show them that we have their back."

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