Sherwood Lumber is Now Offering Americana Thermally Modified Siding, Decking and Porch Floor by Bingaman

Sherwood Lumber increases its presence in the exterior building products and outdoor living segment with its exclusive distributor agreement with Americana by Bingaman.

Sherwood Lumber has announced its partnership as the exclusive distributor of Americana thermally modified wood and will begin distribution beginning late April. With Ipe shortages still abundant, nickel gap siding growing in popularity, and a contractor and builder base yearning to learn about attractive and durable-looking alternatives, Sherwood can now provide an even greater value to the marketplace. With Americana's premium product offering and Sherwood's commitment to demand creation, the two partners will enable the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic markets in a meaningful way. 

"Sherwood is motivated to build a strong and lasting specialty business. To us, the specialty business is synonymous with exterior building products and outdoor living, solely. In addition to limiting the types of building products we choose to sell, we also choose to be selective on what we will sell inside this category. The positive trade-off of limiting our product offering is we will create subject matter experts on our team that maximize the value we bring to our vendors and customers. Sherwood brings emerging trends to market and accelerates their growth through education from the homeowner all the way up to the dealer level. Adding thermally modified wood to our product offering was a logical next step. Americana was the manufacturer that most closely aligned with our mission and vision," said Todd London, SVP of Marketing and Sales at Sherwood Lumber.

"Americana™ represents true 'farm to table' wood for homebuilders and homeowners of the Mid-Atlantic and New England. Sustainably harvested in the beautiful forests of Pennsylvania, Americana™ wood has been thermally modified to enable iconic hardwood species like Oak, Poplar and Ash to be used in exterior applications. Americana™ stands on the foundation of Bingaman & Son Lumber, a family-owned hardwood operation with 60 years of experience milling, drying, machining wood. Everything we do is 100% Made in the USA start to finish. Americana™ is indeed real wood, brought to you by real wood people, for the real world. The synergies between Americana™ and Sherwood were obvious - two multi-generational family lumber companies with deep roots in the mid-Atlantic region and a shared reverence and respect for wood.  For us, it starts with the people - when the Sherwood People visited our lumber operation in Kreamer, PA, we felt their passion for their work and integrity in serving their customers.  In partnering with Sherwood, Americana™, will have unprecedented penetration in the market, backed by a sales team we know is dedicated to educating their customers about our unique product line and our story," said Matt Pryor Director of Specialty sales at Americana. 

ABOUT SHERWOOD LUMBER Sherwood Lumber's exterior division is an essential bridge between manufacturers and the one-step and lumberyard channels. Sherwood provides marketing support, pull and push sales efforts and efficient logistic solutions to product lines that have rigorous demands in terms of in-depth SKU requirements and complex logistical requirements in the new construction, residential and multi-family segments.  

Source: Sherwood Lumber


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