Sheri Gillum's New Book "Out of the Dark" is a Vivid Depiction of a Young Girls' Life as She Deals With Abuse and Addiction, but Struggles to Find God.

Sheri Gillum, a Pittsburgh native and natural born caretaker, has completed her most recent book “Out of the Dark”:  a gripping and thought provoking story that focuses on a young girl that struggles with an abusive past while trying to find her place in her walk with the Lord.  

Sheri has the drive to help others.  She says, “I have a passion to help people who are in mental, physical, and spiritual bondage and want to see people set free. I know that is my purpose in life and I have the gifts to do so. This is the very reason that motivated me to start writing.”

Published by Fulton Books, Sheri Gillum’s book is about a young girl who have been through many struggles in life. At a very young age, she had been sexually, mentally, and physically abused by her older brother. She grew up angry and confused about life, but didn’t understand why. The streets were her only way of escape, but she didn’t know that it had something dark in store for her. Drugs, sex, and alcohol was her go-to to heal her pain and suffering. As she went through the everyday struggles, she later discovered there was a God, but even in that she had many setbacks, heartaches, and troubles in her newfound walk.

Readers who wish to experience this inspiring and powerful work can purchase “Out of the Dark” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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