Sheree Ann Martines With John Robert Whedbee's New Audiobook 'Rude Awakening' Is the Thrilling True Story of Whedbee's Attempted Murder at the Hands of His Ex-Wife, Lisa

Recent audiobook release "Rude Awakening" from Audiobook Network author Sheree Ann Martines with John Robert Whedbee is a gripping autobiographical account of the attempt on Whedbee's life that captivated the nation. This insidious tale of betrayal and attempted murder is brought to life with excruciating detail from the man at the center of the attack.

Sheree Ann Martines with John Robert Whedbee have completed their new audiobook "Rude Awakening": the true account of a murder conspiracy case that gripped the nation, as told by the survivor of the vicious attack.

"Newspapers and television networks have ultimately profited by telling their perception of my story for more than two decades, without much concern for the truth of the matter," writes Whedbee. "I have watched my good name denigrated in the headlines, causing irreparable damage to my reputation. It is not feasible to expect a jury to unhear a testimony on command. I can only hope that this endeavor can help bring the truth to light once and for all, and maybe help someone experiencing multi-layered betrayal benefit from the retelling of my story."

Published by Audiobook Network, the new audiobook shocks and thrills with each chapter, shedding new light on an already unbelievable true story. Listeners will hear of the events that led up to the horrific night, the attempt itself, and the following media blitz that put this story in the forefront of the American mainstream media. Finally told from the victim's point of view, Whedbee's story will keep listeners on the edge of their seats as they follow along with the story they thought they knew.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "Rude Awakening" by Sheree Ann Martines with John Robert Whedbee through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 

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