Sheila's Sweet Spot Launches Online Bakery With Nationwide Delivery

  Sheila's Sweet Spot (, marketer of freshly baked desserts has announced a new website.

Sheila’s Sweet Spot has launched new website, now offering customers a wide range of products to purchase online. The product range includes award winning sweets, gourmet cupcakes, irresistible cakes, delicious pies, savory tarts.

"Our fresh ingredients makes our desserts second to none."

Sheila Dent, Owner of Sheila's Sweet Spot

Apart from range, the new site offers customers the ability to create an account, manage their orders, and product reviews.

Sheila Dent, Owner of Sheila’s Sweet Spot says the website is designed with customers in mind. “We’ve always valued giving our customers choice and a great experience online. Giving our customers the most convenient and flexible ways to get their favorite products is what drove us to create the new website,” said Dent.

In business for over 20 years, the family owned Eastern Shore landmark benefits both from brand recognition and the popularity of Southern Desserts, notes Dent.

Utilizing the same recipes from two decades, her desserts are made from scratch that uses only the highest-quality ingredients to create freshly made breads, cupcakes, cakes, pies, and tarts she says. “Our fresh ingredients makes our desserts second to none.”

A customer centered business approach also helps the company, she adds, “We don’t just fill orders-we offer advice in choosing the best desserts. The ability to guarantee timely delivery nationwide.”

For more information on company’s desserts and shipment options visit them online at

About Sheila Sweet Spot

Sheila Sweet Spot is a family owned business that specialize in award winning and fine desserts. Using only highest-quality ingredients to create freshly made breads, cakes cupcakes, pies, and tarts. Sheila’s Sweet Spot also provides catering services for groups of all sizes.

Contact Information

Sheila's Sweet Spot
Sheila Renee Dent - Owner/ Baker
55c Queen Caroline Court
Chester, Maryland 21619
Phone: 410-253-0367 

Source: Sheila's Sweet Spot

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