Shehed Bakery Offers the Experience of Authentic Iraqi Pastries in the Comfort of One's Home

Discover authentic Iraqi pastries from Shehed Bakery, created from family recipes using nutritious ingredients and rich flavors.

Asel Abu-Alshaeer, Founder of Shehed Bakery

Shehed Bakery allows everyone to experience Iraqi flavors with authentic pastries no matter where their customers live. Iraqi culture is known for its rich history and unique cuisine, but it can be hard to find bakeries that serve authentic pastries, especially in the United States. Shehed Bakery is changing that by bringing the flavors of Iraq to customers' doorsteps one pastry at a time.

Shehed Bakery was founded by Iraqi native Asel Abu-Alshaeer, who was determined to share her heritage and family recipes with the world. Since then, she has been making delicious treats that unique flavors with various exciting and nutritious ingredients. Shehed Bakery offers a curated variety of pastries, including baklava, Madgooga Energy Bites, Khfefy (Savory cookies), and more.

The bakery's mission is simple: "We want everyone in America to know about our culture and our food," says Asel, founder of Shehed Bakery. "We want our customers to be able to indulge in healthier, tasty snacks that are full of both flavor and culture."

Shehed Bakery recently catered the TEDx Chicago show and is set to attend the Chicago Artesian Market. Want to know which local events Shehed Bakery will be at next? Sign up for their newsletters to stay in the know. Customers who are looking to nourish their minds and bodies can check out to learn more about the Iraqi culture and enjoy a delicious treat.

Source: Shehed Bakery