Now Offering Roll Labels has expanded their printed label offering and is now offering printed roll labels.

In recent months, has moved to a new facility, added multiple new employees, and recently launched 2 new materials, as well as starting to offer custom printed magnets.

Now, is excited to announce the addition of printed roll labels to their growing list of products. Since the company has been so successful with sheet labels over the years, it was necessary to begin offering roll labels to keep up with customer demands and industry trends.

Roll labels offer some unique advantages over sheet labels, for one they are needed for automatic labeling machines. These auto labeling machines are important in many fast paced manufacturing environments, and they are essential for keeping production lines moving.

Roll labels can also come in many more shapes than sheet labels can, so it is possible to have unique shapes manufactured on roll labels. Having a completely unique shape can be affordable for both large and small labeling jobs. always ensures the highest quality on all of the packaging products that they manufacture in their Upstate NY facility. With a good quality control team watching over production, this helps ensure that you will get the best each and every time.

Continued growth is inevitable for the company, especially with the recent addition of new products. The company has recently made some new hires to help keep up with the growth and have more expansion plans for the future.

The new facility that moved into in October of 2014 has made a big impact on the company’s business and growth. It has allowed them to open up and embrace additional technologies so they can create more products, which include the 2 most recent additions, roll labels and magnets.

The addition of new products is going to play a big part in the future of the company and the kind of growth that is expected. has averaged about 35% growth each year over the past 6 years, and this year they think that it will be even higher.

About was founded in 2003 and was incorporated in 2006 in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains in Queensbury, NY. The company specializes in manufacturing labels and other products that helps brands advertise and get their message out to customers and potential customers. Now the company is located in Glens Falls, NY and is planning for continued expansion in the coming years.