Shark Tank Featured Product, BenjiLock, Will Unveil Upcoming Innovations at CES 2021

Robbie Cabral, Founder of the World's First Traditional Padlock with Fingerprint Technology, Is Set to Reveal New Products at CES.

BenjiLock, the world's first traditional padlock with fingerprint technology, took the world by storm in 2017, receiving the innovation award at CES and winning over Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary as an investor. The unique technology that transformed personal security as society knows it is just getting started. CEO and Founder of BenjiLock, Robbie Cabral, is set to announce his latest innovation and expansion of the BenjiLock Line at CES's upcoming 2021 digital show. 

Lightyear's ahead of modern technology, Robbie Cabral began BenjiLock in 2014, becoming an industry leader in fingerprinting technology. Since then, BenjiLock has become a staple for employee lockers, schools, gyms, and personal safes to protect individual's valuables with security and peace of mind. 

Recipient of the CES Award for Innovation for two consecutive years, BenjiLock is set to bring their latest product, in partnership with Hampton Products International, to CES 2021, as they unveil their latest innovation: the all-new BenjiLock Fingerprint Bike Lock. 

Anyone who lives in a Metropolitan area knows the scene: old-fashioned bicycle locks found all over the streets as bike thieves take their latest piece. The BenjiLock Fingerprint Bike Lock is the first of its kind, featuring the same unique fingerprinting technology that established BenjiLock as the gold-standard for modern personal locks. It is weather-resistant with an IP65 enclosure, features a highly secure rating of up to 18,000 lbs of cut resistance, stores up to 10 fingerprints, unlocks with a fingerprint or key, and comes in a beautiful and sleek Matte Black finish.

BenjiLock seeks to create products that provide peace for the modern consumer. In a world plagued with security breaches, nothing is more secure than fingerprinting; and BenjiLock is redefining the personal security industry one product at a time. CES 2021 exhibitor showcases will take place on January 12, for the first time in digital format, in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

"It's all about expanding the technology into a portfolio of products," explained Cabral. "For the commuter and on-the-go rider—the key is now at your fingertips. And we're just getting started." 

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to the consumer's safety and peace of mind—Robbie Cabral's purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with BenjiLock and its growing enterprise. 

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About BenjiLock

Based in Los Angeles, California, and founded in 2014 by inventor and entrepreneur Robbie Cabral, BenjiLock has redefined the personal security experience through hybrid technology with the consumer in mind. Featured on ABC's hit show Shark Tank, Robbie Cabral landed Kevin O'Leary as an investor with a 15% equity stake in the company, catapulting BenjiLock's potential and success by securing a licensing partnership with Hampton Products International, the leader in security and hardware innovations, and makers of BRINKS locks. Through this strategic partnership, BenjiLock was able to utilize the 30+ years of experience of Hampton Products International to further their production and manufacturing, escalating the brand to unprecedented levels. Today, BenjiLock's fingerprint technology is expanding into a portfolio of products; including an upcoming line of bike locks, next-generation of padlocks, drawer closets, and cabinet locks, as well as a brand new line of smart home door locks.

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