Shaping Tomorrow Releases Global Challenges to 2025 Update: Security is Now the Most Major Threat Facing Us All

Global Challenges to 2025 says security is now the major threat facing us all from its first-of-its-kind, mathematical analysis of the most important, leading indicators of opportunities and threats facing the world today. Their robot aggregated >330,000 pundit and expert forecasts from daily trawls of the web and social media for the likely opportunities and threats that we will face by 2025.​

Global Challenges - 2025

  • The top threat is now security, which displaces disease from the last update in September 2018. Policy issues with the use of Huawei technologies, further lone-wolf terrorist attacks, stalling of peace talks with North Korea and rising concerns about cyber attacks, interference with national elections and fake news drive this concern.
  • The number one topic opportunity remains technology with most mentions for AI, quantum computing, driverless cars, drones, smart cities, IoT, AR, 5G, Biotech, Robotics, Printing, Batteries, Blockchain, Space, Holograms and Digitalization.
  • The top country at risk continues to be India where a burgeoning population and climate change will have impacts on liveability.
  • The top country opportunities are forecast to be in the USA, India, China, and Brazil.
  • The construction sector was at the top of the opportunity list six months ago because of growing investments in smart cities, Hyperloops and high-speed projects, China's Belt and Road initiative, transport, energy, and burgeoning population growth in China, India and other developing cities. But again, the same security concerns above are creating opportunities for market players and governments to provide mitigating security solutions and new policies.
  • Warnings of increasing climate change, spreading diseases and changing technologies, (especially the possible dangers arising from AI) are the main reasons the science sector remains at the top of the sector threat list.
  • The most mentioned city is London, not just due to the impacts that could arise from the eventual Brexit outcome, but the city's efforts to improve itself.
  • The most mentioned organization is the European Union, partly due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit but mostly for its leadership role in many aspects of building a sustainable world from GDPR to plastic control, etc.

Dr. Mike Jackson, a joint founder of Shaping Tomorrow, says that "this latest update shows how security is now the most present danger to the public, and organizations and that, while the biggest risk, there are also great opportunities for policymakers and innovators to solve many of the issues confronting us all."

Contact Dr. Mike Jackson - mike.jackson@shapingtomorrow for more details.

Source: Shaping Tomorrow


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