Shaping the Future of the Web: SourceLess Presents the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the Digital Environment

The digital world is becoming an increasingly used and common space, which is why a team of young people from Romania have built a set of moral laws that will be the basis of the new web. They laid the foundations for a better future for everyone, creating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the Digital Environment.

SourceLess Labs Foundation

In an exciting announcement, a group of passionate people has joined forces to address the vital issue of human rights in the digital world. This remarkable development aims to ensure that everyone's rights align with the rapid advancements of the digital era. The impact of this initiative is profound, as it seeks to establish a universally recognized set of digital human rights that empower and protect all of us.

While the internet has been in existence since 1965 and gained widespread usage in the 1990s, it did not initially establish a globally acknowledged framework for human rights in the digital environment. However, the time has come for individuals to comprehend their fundamental rights and freedoms in the online sphere and ensure their enforcement. The dynamism of internet interaction and the rise of Web 3.0 necessitate the documentation, awareness, and adoption of these digital rights by all. This holds the promise of a more transparent, liberated, and empowered internet, epitomized by the SourceLess ecosystem.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the Digital Environment outlines the specific rights and freedoms individuals are entitled to in the digital world. These include the right to a unique and preferably verified identity, freedom of expression, ownership of digital creations, access to and utilization of technology, the right to work and receive fair compensation, privacy and personal data protection, liberty and security, and unrestricted access to uncensored information.

In addition to these rights, individuals in the digital world bear the responsibility to respect the rights of others, including the rights to life, liberty, security, privacy, non-discrimination, and a safe and open internet. It is crucial that the digital realm remains accessible and inclusive to all, including those with disabilities. Preserving the history of digital interactions as a part of universal heritage is also paramount. While everyone has the right to freely access and utilize the internet, parents and guardians possess the right and responsibility to select and monitor internet access for minors. Individuals have the freedom to associate and organize digitally for social, cultural, or political purposes, as well as the right to own a domain in the virtual environment. Arbitrary censorship should be avoided, and unhindered internet browsing should be ensured, irrespective of geographical location.

The authors behind The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the Digital Environment, including Iulian Bondari, Alexandru Stratulat, Andrei Stratulat, Marilena Niculae, Adrian Manea, Cristian Teisan, Alexandru Gugoasa, Dima Daniel, Alexandru Nichita, Manuela Musat, Antonio Gherasim, Ilie Slujitoru, Alin Tica, and Michael Ungar, have joined forces to establish a foundation dedicated to protecting and promoting individuals' digital freedoms, shaping the future landscape of the internet.

SourceLess Labs Foundation aims to establish a universally recognized set of digital human rights that empower individuals and protect them from digital harm, abuse, and exploitation. It envisions a digital world where the dignity and rights of every individual are respected and technology is used as a tool to enhance and safeguard human rights.

Source: SourceLess Labs Foundation

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