Shapa Launches Shapa-HL, a Version of Its Cloud-Based Digital Health and AI-Assisted Intervention Platform, Which Will Be Targeted at Enterprise Customers

 Shapa, a leading Silicon Valley-based health IT technology company, announced today the launch of Shapa-HL, a version of its cloud-based digital health and AI-assisted intervention platform, which will be targeted at enterprise customers.

Shapa’s behavioral change platform is focused on dramatically improving patient engagement levels, prevention and management of chronic diseases (type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease). The patented platform uses cloud-based technology, coupled with cutting edge behavioral science and AI, to provide users with feedback and personalized programs to improve their health. 

Shapa’s first application was a health and diabetes management solution that included a smart scale without numbers. This included AI-assisted member interventions, generated from the Shapa-HL cloud platform. This solution was delivered on Android and iOS devices, as well as Apple Watch. This solution was launched in December 2017 to consumers and enterprises and has generated record levels of engagement, which has not only validated the technology but has produced positive outcomes for users of the platform.

Co-founder and CEO Nati Lavi says: “The way we achieve record levels of engagement and results for our users is by using proven behavioral science to drive small, sustainable behavior change, leveraging the work of my co-founder, Dan Ariely, a leading behavioral scientist.”

After four successful commercial deployments with industry-leading health care providers and life insurance companies, Shapa has decided to launch the Shapa-HL cloud-based digital health and AI-assisted intervention platform for enterprises. “Shapa-HL will allow any organization that has content, educational research, recommendations and health programs to provide a digital health platform to their members with full administrative control to the Shapa-HL management interface,” says Lara Felton, Head of Product for Shapa. “Shapa-HL is the same proven cloud-based technology used to power Shapa’s flagship diabetes prevention and weight loss products available today to consumers and enterprises alike.”

From a recent study* of Shapa users, 80% of users step on their Shapa on a daily basis and achieved an average of 3% weight loss after 12 weeks in their personalized Shapa program. Of these Shapa users, 1/4 have reduced their diabetes risk within six months of using the platform.  

Renowned world leader in Behavioral Economics and Co-Founder of Shapa Dan Ariely says: “The results in the past two years have been nothing short of astounding. By incorporating habit-building missions and recommendations rooted in a deep understanding of health and behavioral change, our engagement metrics and subsequent measured outcomes have demonstrated the power of the Shapa technology. With our platform, we have thousands of members who are creating positive sustainable habits, losing weight and more importantly, keeping it off. This, of course, can have a huge impact to an enterprise’s bottom line, with weight-related diseases skyrocketing and directly impacting health care costs.”  

CEO Nati Lavi concludes by saying: “Building on what we’ve learned through the Shapa consumer product, we’re now introducing support for a variety of new verticals to improve employee health and well-being. We’d love to share how Shapa can help your employees live healthier lives and help users save money on health care costs.”

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