ShadowHornet Consulting Launches Technology Scholarship Program Focused on Overlooked and Underserved Individuals

Program will select one high-potential individual per month from underemployed and underserved communities in the US and Latin America to receive no-cost software product owner training.

ShadowHornet Consulting, a North Carolina-based technology and business consulting firm, is launching a program to teach high-potential individuals from underserved and underemployed communities the basics about how to lead and guide software development teams. The program will identify high-performing individuals and select one per month to go through two days of Certified Scrum Product Owner training and certification testing to become a software product owner. Upon completing the program, individuals will have a powerful and marketable credential for a Product Owner role, a job that pays $101,000 on average. ShadowHornet will also provide mentoring and networking support to help these individuals enter the technology workforce. The program has no boundaries and is open to people across the globe.

The program focuses on:

  • People who have an interest in technology jobs but have been overlooked by traditional employers
  • People with strong ambition, and critical thinking skills who are currently underemployed and looking to start their careers in technology
  • People who have not had access to mentorship or guidance to aid them in starting a technology career
  • Those in retail, education, call center support, or other occupations who are looking for an opportunity to help them enter the technology sector
  • International candidates, and Latin American candidates in particular

"Over time, this program will build competency in technology leadership, and will be a model for regional economic and workforce development in underserved regions and internationally," says Tom Mirc, Managing Partner at ShadowHornet, and former advisor in 2016 to the White House Rural Council on Technology Workforce development in Appalachia. "It's a way of giving back to an industry that's been good to us, as well as a way to start filling the hole of 4.5 million open technology jobs in the United States, alone." 

Three of these scholarships will be designated for international candidates from Latin America, in a partnership between ShadowHornet and Brusus, a Chicago and Buenos Aires-based technology sourcing firm that serves as a bridge between the U.S. and top Latin American technical talent. "We aim to continue to build connections between the U.S. and the thriving development community in Latin America," says Chief Operating Officer of Brusus, Juan Lutufyan. 

The first scholarship will be announced on Sept. 30, and each month, a new recipient will be named.  

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ShadowHornet Consulting LLC is a guide to business success in the new technology economy. Focused on scaling startup, small and mid-sized businesses through product and technology, ShadowHornet offers legacy application modernization, business scale and downturn strategies, strategic outsourcing, and fractional executive services. ShadowHornet has aided numerous organizations since its founding as KeyOak Advisors, including the White House's Rural Council in 2016. Learn more at

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About ShadowHornet, LLC

About ShadowHornet Consulting
ShadowHornet Consulting LLC, based in New Hill, North Carolina, is a guide to business success in the new technology economy. They focus on scaling startup, small and mid-sized businesses through product and technology a

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