Shadowbox Farms to Expand Into the California Cannabis Market in the First Quarter of 2020

Successful Oregon cannabis company is excited to enter the California market

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Shadowbox Farms has just announced that the company is bringing its successful brand to the California cannabis market, setting up a location in Nevada City, California in the first quarter of 2020. Shadowbox Farms produces and is a wholesaler of cannabis in Oregon, supplying several dispensaries in the state. The company has a commitment to farm-to-table quality, which guides all aspects of their brand.

“We are excited to bring the Shadowbox Farms brand to the California cannabis market,” said Tim Winner, President/CEO of Shadowbox Farms. “We are obsessed with the consumer’s experience. With high-quality packaging and a focus on cannabis education, our world-class products make Shadowbox Farms more than a retail brand. We’re a lifestyle brand the consumer can trust.”

The expansion into California is timely for the company. According to a new report issued by leading industry researchers Arcview and BDS Analytics, California’s legal cannabis market is on track to be the largest in the world. Sales in the state were expected to grow 23 percent in 2019.

Shadowbox Farms has also produced a reality show called “Weedality” which highlights various aspects of the business and the cannabis industry. A recent episode showed Shadowbox Farm’s team members, Cody and Tom, deliver the product to dispensary partner CDC Dispensary, which is located in Southwest Portland.

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About Shadowbox Farms 

Founded in 2016 by Kevin Bundy and Dani Jurmann, Shadowbox Farms is an Oregon-based sun-grown cannabis company with both producer and wholesale licenses. The company has recently expanded into California. For more information, visit or contact

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About Shadowbox Farms

Shadowbox Farms is an Oregon sun-grown cannabis company with both producer and wholesale licenses. It was founded by Kevin Bundy and Dani Jurmann in 2016.

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