Shadow, HaptX, and Tangible Form Converge Robotics Group

The international consortium aims to extend the reach of human cognition, sensing, and dexterity through technology integration.

Shadow Robot Company, HaptX, and Tangible Research announced at CES 2020 the formation of Converge Robotics Group, an alliance with a mission to integrate leading technologies into systems that allow an operator to control robotic equipment through natural user interfaces with unprecedented levels of verisimilitude.

Converge Robotics Group's Tactile Telerobot, is making its public debut at CES 2020 and now available for purchase by early access customers. Converge's Telerobot is a breakthrough tele-operated system that enables the precise control of robotic hands that transmits the sense of touch to the operator's hand by means of haptic gloves.

In a widely publicized demo at Amazon's re:MARS conference, Jeff Bezos operated the system and described the experience as “really impressive,” remarking that “the tactile feedback is tremendous.”

“Our teams have spent more than a year integrating the Tactile Telerobot and improving upon its capabilities,” said Dr. Jeremy Fishel, Founder of Tangible Research. “The amazing international response we've received validated the market potential for our technology. With the formation of Converge Robotics Group and our CES debut, we're bringing this tech out of the research lab and into real-world industry."

“Converge’s telerobot platform lets humans and robots share their sense of touch across the globe, which expands the intuitiveness and realism of teleoperation of robotic equipment,” said Rich Walker, Managing Director of Shadow Robot Company. “This has profound implications for safeguarding human lives from hazardous tasks in the nuclear, energy, aerospace, and government sectors. Eventually, this technology could reduce our need for travel and stop humans from putting their life on the line in risky jobs.”

“The founding of Converge Robotics Group elevates our joint collaboration from ‘interesting research project’ to ‘transformative technology platform,’” said Jake Rubin, Founder and CEO of HaptX. “This formalizes our joint collaboration and paves the way for additional partners, sponsors, integrators, and customers, which will accelerate the development of technology that was once limited to the realm of science fiction.”

The Converge Robotics Group's telerobot is on display at booth #51312 at the Eureka Park in CES, where attendees can get a first-hand view of the system and meet representatives from founding companies.

About Converge Robotics Group
Converge Robotics Group has a mission to extend the reach of human cognition, sensation, and manipulation via technology integration. Converge was founded by HaptX, Shadow Robot Company, and Tangible Research.

Source: Converge Robotics Group


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