SGS to Host Complimentary Webinar Series for Hospitality Industry

SGS will host a series of complimentary webinars to discuss the current risk and sustainability challenges and opportunities facing the travel and hospitality industry.

GENEVA, June 25, 2018 (Newswire) - The travel and hospitality industry is facing a variety of potential risks, including environmental, social and economic. A guest can magnify a less-than-perfect experience on social media with a single mobile device. Online reviews have increased the demand for experience excellence and commitment. Of the many challenges facing the travel and hospitality industry today, two hold the greatest potential impact on guest experience and profit; Risk and Sustainability.

To help inform hospitality industry professionals, SGS has launched a campaign to address these two issues and its impact to the bottom line. This webinar series will begin in June and end in July, and will be presented by industry experts. The topics and scheduled dates are:


Synopsis: Risk comes in many forms. The operational efficiency and reputation of a hotel can be threatened by something as headline-grabbing as a terrorist attack, or as seemingly mundane as a case of food poisoning. During this webinar, we will discuss the key drivers of risk and the main areas that are susceptible to threats. Additionally, we will present real-life case studies and discuss the financial and social impact of each. Register now >


Synopsis: Guests are increasingly looking for greener options when they travel. During this webinar, we explain how sustainability is no longer a luxury for high-end hotels, it is a necessity for businesses that are looking to future-proof. This session will not only highlight the financial impacts of energy efficiency, but the brand value and perception that is associated with the “green” movement. Register now >

The increasing pressures on safety and experience are raising the bar for guest expectations. In a hotel, taking care of your guests doesn’t only mean giving them quality service, but also ensuring that their safety and well-being is prioritized. Any issues with the management of confidential customer information, food, water, air contamination or infrastructure can negatively affect your company and operations. Effective risk management in the hospitality industry not only benefits guests, but can improve employee engagement and ultimately increase brand value and reputation.

SGS introduces the Hospitality Experience (HX) Program. It has been designed specifically for the hospitality industry to meet a variety of needs and provide solutions to many of the issues travel professionals face today. This comprehensive online program consists of four separate modules, each focusing on a specific area of concern, including risk management, sustainability, corporate social responsibility and quality of service experience.

If you want to learn more about this series or you are interested in Hospitality Experience (HX) Program for your organization, please contact:

Anna Amato
Senior Global Marketing Manager, SGS
t: +01 201 508 3029

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