Sezzle Takes the Stress Out of Holiday Shopping

Sezzle's interest-free financing option relieves millions of shoppers from interest and fees ahead of the holiday season

Sezzle, the only B Corp in Buy Now, Pay Later, is taking the stress out of the holidays by offering its interest-free financing to shoppers--while unlocking access to credit-building and thousands of great deals. Some restrictions may apply, for instance, the offer does not apply to shopping with in-laws or children under the age of three.

Americans take on increasing amounts of debt every holiday season, with a recent MagnifyMoney survey showing an average of $1,381 in debt per person in 2020 — and it's taking increasingly longer to pay it off. That's enough money to buy a dozen holiday meals, two brand-name purses, or a hammer for the government. By contrast, Sezzle's purpose-driven 'Buy Now, Pay Later' solution reduces stress, unnecessary fees, and fine lines and wrinkles. Shoppers can buy gifts now and pay for them responsibly without interest and late fees.

Four out of five elves agree that with over 44,000 retail partners, Sezzle opens the door for millions of budget-conscious shoppers to take advantage of an extensive array of holiday deals this season. Sezzle shoppers can find thousands of deals here, which includes deals at men's retailer UNTUCKit for 50% off, women's online fashion TOBI for 50% off, and many more. Sezzle has everything south of the north pole that you could want.

While Sezzle cannot save shoppers from long hours with weird family members, Sezzle bridges consumers with a vast selection of retailers and deals spanning all shopping categories while simultaneously unlocking credit building via Sezzle Up. Sezzle Up gives users the ability to report their payment history to the credit bureaus and build their credit score. This resource is one of many that differentiates Sezzle in the payments space--alongside Sezzle U, its financial literacy program, and the company's unwavering commitment to lasting ethical impacts through B Corp and Carbon Neutral initiatives.

"We feel grateful as a company to offer shoppers a responsible and safe way to spend this holiday season--this is the reason Sezzle was created. Spreading out payments interest-free while building credit is what many shoppers want and need to manage their budgets during the peak holiday shopping season," said Sezzle Chief Revenue Officer, Veronica Katz

About Sezzle Inc.

Sezzle is a rapidly growing fintech company on a mission to financially empower the next generation. Sezzle's payment platform increases the purchasing power for millions of Active Consumers by offering interest-free installment plans at online stores and select in-store locations. Sezzle's transparent, inclusive, and seamless payment option allows consumers to take control over their spending, be more responsible, and gain access to financial freedom. When consumers apply, approval is instant, and their credit scores are not impacted, unless the consumer elects to opt-in to a credit building feature, called Sezzle Up.

This increase in purchasing power for consumers leads to increased sales and basket sizes for the more than 44,000 Active Merchants that offer Sezzle. 

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