Seylan Bank's Personal Loans in 48 Hours!

Seylan Bank Sri Lanka offers its customers quick and easy personal loans within 48 hours.

​​​Seylan Bank, a frontrunner in providing convenient customer focused products, has launched a fast-track programme for their personal loans due to the increased popularity and overwhelming response from the recipients. The product has attracted many segments in the market and the bank is all set to cater to a much larger audience in the market. The loan can be obtained for multiple purposes such as education, purchase of a vehicle, marriage expense, travel, medical expense, working capital etc. The bank offers a hassle free, convenient application process where applicants can obtain their loans within 48 hours provided they have all the required documents.

Post-war lifestyles in Sri Lanka have evolved tremendously with the entry of foreign products, services and new brands providing a wider range of choices to consumers. With improved lifestyles, personal loans come in handy to meet lifestyle demands and achieve your dreams. Seylan Bank is ready to help you meet your financial needs by providing a personal loan designed to suit your individual needs and repayment capacity while you enjoy their excellent service.

Mr. Tilan Wijeyesekera, DGM Marketing and Personal banking, Seylan Bank said, “We are delighted to offer personal loans to our valued customers to fulfill their innumerable needs in life. The main distinction of Seylan Personal loan scheme is that it can be applied till the age of 60. This feature has attracted the government sector employees who retire at the age of 60. The bank has built close relationships with state sector employees due to this appealing feature. In addition, Seylan provides fixed interest rates for the entire tenure of the loan, which makes life easy for our customers as they can plan ahead. With Seylan personal loan you do not have to wait for someday to fulfill your dream, rather you can start today.”

To be eligible for a loan, an applicant should be a permanent employee who has completed 12 months in current employment with a minimum monthly fixed income of Rs. 50,000 or above. The applicant should be between 20 - 60 years with a clear CRIB report. The scheme does not require any guarantors. The loan amounts under this scheme can extend up to 5 million with repayment spread over two to four years. The amounts obtained are determined by the actual requirement and the applicant's monthly income. Personal loans can be applied through any of the Seylan bank branches located island wide. 

​Seylan Bank, one of the leading banks in the country is a pioneer in providing innovative financial solutions. Seylan Bank’s network consists of 159 branches and over 180 ATMs, exclusive of its student saving centers, island wide. The bank has a growing clientele of SME, minor savings, retail, corporate and credit card categories. Seylan also has a significant amount of ardent followers in its social media platform and has been recognized for its social media performance in the global arena.

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