"Sexy Sevy" Offers New Service: Swimming Pool Art

Professional belly dancer and illustrator develops a way to provide custom artwork on the interior of swimming pools.

Internationally-acclaimed Belly Dance and Bollywood dance artist, Sevdha, announces that she will be making a new service available having nothing to do with gratuitous shoulder shimmying - custom swimming pool art.

Reputed as a creative "Jane-of-all-Trades," Sevdha, formerly known as Rose Lee (or Miss Rose Lee), is a multi-talented performer, model, artist and graphic designer. She started performing and teaching dance since the age of 17, and went on to directing a touring belly dance group shortly afterwards. She was the first title holder for Miss Jamaica Indo-Culture in the year 2012, and was once invited to be a contestant on America's Got Talent after her "Nerd to Belly Dancer" story about her dichotomous personal transformation from being a reserved "nerdy girl" off stage, to a powerful stage presence on stage, gained considerable notice.

Original swimming pool art was, until now, unheard of in the industry. To achieve the effect of art on the interior of the swimming pool, decals or mosaics are commonly used. However, no known "pool artists," or custom artists for the interior of pools, have yet to emerge until now.

Pool artwork is more novel than one may think. In general, pool paint is only widely available in two colors - blue and white, and wall paint cannot be used for painting pools, as they are not resistant to the various chemicals required for pool upkeep. With a very limited palette available for pool colors, Sevdha has developed a way to mix her own colors of pool paint, ensuring long-lasting artwork safe for swimming.

"Over a year ago, a relative of mine requested that I paint the walls of her swimming pool with orange designs to resemble henna. After visiting multiple pool stores, we realized that the only colors available were white and blue. Despite my limitations, I was determined to make it happen, so I devised a way to mix my own colors. I spoke to countless pool builders and designers for advice, and I was actually surprised that it had not apparently been heard of, or offered, before," commented Sevdha.

To learn more about Sevdha's pool painting services, information is available at the web page, pools.sevdha.com, for samples, information and specials pertaining to pool artwork.

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