Sesh Welcomes Legendary Educator and 'Godmother of Silicon Valley', Esther Wojcicki, as Chief Parenting Officer

Sesh solves parenting pain-points with a tantrum-prevention tool that coaches parents in highly effective science-backed techniques adapted to each child.

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Sesh Corp (Sesh) is proud to announce award-winning leading American educator, journalist, and mother Esther Wojcicki has joined the company as Chief Parenting Officer.  

In her role at Sesh, Esther will lead the company's parenting content strategy and serve as the leading brand ambassador, helping to curate science-backed advice and techniques for millions of parents around the world.   

"I am very excited and honored to be collaborating with this excellent team of technologists, child psychologists and parenting experts to support parents around the world", said Esther Wojcicki. 

Dubbed the 'Godmother of Silicon Valley,' Esther shares her tried-and-tested methods for raising happy, healthy, successful children in her book, 'How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons for Radical Results'.

A leader in Blending Learning and the integration of technology into education, she is the founder of the Media Arts program at Palo Alto High School. Wojcicki serves as Vice Chair of Creative Commons and has previously worked as a professional journalist for multiple publications and blogs regularly for The Huffington Post.

Sesh gives on-demand, real-time coaching to help parents navigate the most pressing childhood behavior struggles, starting with preventing tantrums.

Sesh's patented multi-modal AI technology - developed through intensive research with thousands of families - gives parents the tools to communicate with their children in a way that works. Early research indicated that using the app in the family setting reduced the number, length and intensity of their children's tantrums in all families in the trial, in as little as a week.

Addressing core issues that help shape behavior in a child is critical but often overlooked. Sesh helps parents carefully analyze and solve these issues using the latest educational neuroscience and child psychology research.

Speaking on the impact Esther will have in helping parents improve their parenting skills and make confident decisions, David Dorfman, CEO of Sesh, said: 

"Esther is a legendary educator and parent. Her leadership and experience offer invaluable guidance to parents everywhere. We built Sesh to help parents understand how their child's brain works, what they can do to help them, and be more confident in their parenting skills. Having Esther help lead our efforts is a game-changer for struggling parents." 

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