SES Foam Acquires R501 Block Fill Injection Foam Insulation

R501 Injection Block Fill Insulation

SES Foam LLC is proud to announce the acquisition of R501, an injection foam extensively used for insulating new and existing CMU block buildings. “SES Foam is synonymous with innovation, and the acquisition R501 further expands our portfolio of industry-leading insulation products,” says Charles Valentine, President of SES Foam.

R501 is a unique and superior injection foam insulation product, installed by trained professionals in concrete block cores and cavities for commercial structures. R501 exceeds industry standards for R-Values, and its unique, non-toxic formula offers the best insulation solution for existing CMU structures.

R501 has a decades-long track record of proven success for customers like Autozone, Wal-mart, and Lowe’s. R501 is highly rated for fire safety, OSHA compliant, and odor and CFC free, making installation on new or existing CMU buildings environmentally safe.

SES Foam has a storied history of innovation in the spray foam industry, being the first company to formulate a sucrose-based foam with SucraSeal, the first spray foam insulation to be certified by the USDA for its high bio-based content (up to 25%). SucraSeal also passes the ICC ES AC 377 Appendix X Fire Test uncoated, a milestone that many competitors have unsuccessfully attempted to copy. SES also offers Nexseal and Nexseal LE, universally certified closed-cell spray foams that utilize Honeywell’s Ultra-Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) Solstice Liquid Blowing Agent, and provide impressive consistency and quality across commercial and residential applications. SES has recently announced their latest innovation with EasySeal, a new No-Mix, open-cell spray foam that guarantees the highest yields in the industry.

About SES Foam: Headquartered in Spring, Texas, with service to key MSAs and regions within NAFTA and key overseas markets. SES is committed to product quality, manufacturing excellence and providing first-class customer service. SES takes pride in customer support and partnership to increase our customer base’s bottom line.

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Charles Valentine, 412-805-9922

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