Service Tracking Systems Inc. Completes 20 Years

STS Completes 20 Years

With 20 years of experience, more than 750 clients, 1,000 installations, 1,49,627 users and 2,98,623,440 customer transactions till date, STS Inc. continues to lead the parking industry and beyond.

It now boasts of a variety of products that cater to the needs of clients from varied industries across the globe. Here is a look back at them. 

We are super excited about the unlimited possibilities that the IoT, sensors, data analytic and 4th generation UX will bring to the game and look forward to helping our really smart clients navigate that playground.

Kai Schuette


CVPS –  STS evolved in its current being from CVPS. It culminates decades of industry experience into operational and revenue control solutions. And this can be tailored to meet the needs of the simplest to the most complex parking operations.

Damagepix – It allows you to take high definition pictures of the vehicle when it enters your property, along with any detailed notes about specifications of the vehicle or existing damage. 

ValetApp – This easy to use, low-cost, cloud-based mobile parking system helps you track vehicle arrival, payment requests, and document the vehicle's condition. 

Valet Visa- This mobile app uses secure wireless technology to enable valet parkers to vend gates using mobile phones. Real time web based reporting helps owners, valet companies, and garage operators to get full accountability for every moment.

ICDataFlow – It is a real-time big data dashboard which sends out emails and notification every time data moves outside the defined operational limits. One can create a distribution list, and the team gets real-time data on every movement. 

SoftAnyWare –  STS Inc. has come up with a full-service digital design studio. They are offering custom software development service, branding, marketing, designing, UI/UX development – it’s all covered in this one offering.

The Event App – This web-based app utilizes wifi or cellular data, and it is quick and easy to set up. It tracks all sales, user access, revenue and allows cash/credit or pre-sales lookup. This product caters to the needs of entertainment venues, stadiums, theme parks, convention centers and other.

STSQ -  Providing a platform to hotels, in their endeavor to increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction STSQ helps in tracking the various dimensions of the hotel industry. It enables staff visibility, wait times for guests, food preparation time tracker, table trackers, and the guests are treated by first-in-first-out basis thereby eliminating any ‘cherry-picking’.

 It is safe to say that STS Inc. believes in catching the pulse of the world and always staying one step ahead of the competition. 

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