SERUM X - a New, Innovative Form of Topical Pain Relief With Powerful Super-Antioxidant Action From New Biotech AO Biologix

"SERUM X is the ultimate game changer for those with nagging pain. I can't wait for the world to try it," says co-creator Dan Purser MD.

Serum X in Use

AO Biologix, LLC today announced SERUM X, a new topical pain relief product. SERUM X is an over-the-counter, FDA registered, topical pain relief gel and offers a new option for those trying to combat the aches and pains of everyday life. 

"SERUM X is the ultimate game changer for those with nagging pain," says Dan Purser MD, co-inventor and founder at AO Biologix. "This product has been in development for the past 3 years, and I can't wait for the world to try it."

Features and benefits of SERUM X include:

  • Fast-acting pain relief that you HAVE to try 
  • Easy spread gel with no odor - a little goes a long way!
  • Provides a safe, potent alternative to other pain relief products

SERUM X will be available today April 22th, 2022 for $119.95 a bottle MSRP. For more information on SERUM X, visit 

About AO Biologix: A new and dynamic bio-pharmaceutical company, AO Biologix was formed in early 2021 during the midst of the worldwide pandemic. Founders Dan Purser MD, Stephen Pitcher, and Anthony Brownlow set out with the goal of introducing the power of the Super-Antioxidant (antioxidants handled correctly utilizing their full potential) for unique skin soothing and conditioning benefits. With innovative patents and several investment groups backing the research behind Super-Antioxidants, SERUM X is the first product of AO Biologix' exciting future harnessing this new technology.

Source: AO Biologix, LLC


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