Serial Entrepreneur Amar Chokhawala Joins Dotin Inc. as Key Investor

Involvement with the AI Service Platform Opens Doors for Acquiring Strategic Customers and Investors, and Secures the Company's Position in the Market

Amar Chokhawala

Amar Chokhawala, a founding member of Google Adsense and the Founder/CEO of Reflektion, joins dotin Inc. as the startup’s latest investor. dotin Inc. is a Business to Business and Artificial Intelligence Software as a Service (SaaS) company that leverages users’ motivations and personalities to promote employer-employee alignment in the workplace, and helps deepen customer segmentation/personalization. The company has gained significant traction in the last month, becoming NetOne Systems’s first ever venture into seed-round level funding, and now Chokhawala's newest investment.

As a serial entrepreneur, Amar Chokhawala's knows this space. “Cognitive technology is being used today in many places. It compliments behavioral science. Ganesh and his team have made great strides over the last year. I am proud to be part of this team both as an advisor and investor.”

dotin Inc. is thrilled to have Chokhawala on board. Ganesh Iyer, CEO and Founder of, cites Chokhawala's influence and insight as a major boon for the company. “We understand the value in partnering with high-profile investors. With someone like Amar on the team, a serial entrepreneur whose work on projects like Google Adsense speaks for itself, the potential for our ground-breaking technology has the visibility and credibility we need to continue our current pace of growth. We’re not slowing down, and that’s exciting.”

This additional funding means further product development, keeping dotin’s passionate technologists on the cutting edge of AI. dotin Inc. provides Business to Business Software that helps companies identify the core motivations and personalities of existing and potential employees to better anticipate behavior and increase workplace productivity and satisfaction. The platform combines psychology, structured/unstructured social or enterprise data, and machine learning to identify interpersonal decision-points and modify behavior for the benefit of employer and employee, yielding powerful business outcomes. 

About dotin Inc.

Based in Silicon Valley, dotin Inc.’s proprietary, AI, service software captures the true, digital personality fingerprint of every user, aligning their subconscious behavior to the right opportunities. After all, 95% of decisions are made by the subconscious mind. With dotin’s platform and the resulting data, clients are able to identify and anticipate those decisions, wielding this insight to the benefit of the end users and the enterprise.

About Amar Chokhawala

A serial entrepreneur, Amar Chokawala is the founder and CEO of Reflektion, a company that uses AI to drive conversions and sales in the retail market. Previous to Reflektion, he was an original member of the Adsense team, designing and developing core technologies that proved critical to its widespread use. Mr. Chokhawala is a very active and successful angel investor; currently, he has investments in over twenty start-ups and sits on the board of four of these companies. Some of his successful exits include Facebook and Zoodles. 

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