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To combat overpricing and faulty Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) coming from around the world in support of COVID-19 relief efforts, Sera Labs® and Terratori Technologies® have joined forces in their creation of an online exchange to connect frontline medical professionals and administrators with the lowest-cost FDA-approved suppliers. 

Bringing together a team of military veterans, import/export professionals and technologists to create a transparent marketplace that matches high demand needs to high-quality providers will enable the expedient delivery of products to those who need them most. On Terratori’s site, members gain access to a real-time needs assessment map, offering total situational awareness of supply & demand decision points, to provide the most effective and cost-managed process possible. 

“We are matching medical professionals and hospitals with vetted equipment suppliers to protect them from the threat of COVID-19,” said co-founder Jonathan Chia, a U.S. Army veteran of the Iraq War. “This is the moment we’ve prepared for,” he concluded.

During emergencies such as this, medical workers can request immediate matching to be prioritized all across the supply chain. “This user-generated information platform provides key intelligence to government and other parties trying to supply the frontlines,” said Terratori co-founder Benji Tucker. “Terratori will be the world’s leading database for emergency medical supplies and equipment. We only partner with highly vetted providers with total transparency. We are filling orders for millions of units from six states already. And we’ve only just begun.” 

“For the duration of this crisis, Sera Labs is dedicated to ensuring the procurement and shipment of fully vetted, high-quality PPE to State governments, hospitals, medical clinics, and healthcare workers fighting for us each and every day. We know that by leveraging our skillsets and extensive international contacts in partnership with Terratori, we will make a significant difference in this effort," said John Cammarano, Vice President of Sales at Sera Labs, “This is our top priority now.” 

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Tarun Raj, co-founder, Terratori, at 626.399.2124
John Cammarano, Sera Labs, Inc., at 352.241.7002
Madeline Rosene, Sera Labs, Inc., at 330.571.0908
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