Separovic Injury Lawyers Specialises in Injury Compensation Claims

Perth Lawyers focus their services around road and work injury claims

There is hope on the horizon for those in Perth seeking assistance with car accident injury compensation and workers' compensation.

Separovic aims to provide experienced and trusted service from personal injury lawyers and have recently focussed their services around injury compensation claims. When looking at helping those seeking workers' compensation benefits and common law damages for injuries sustained at work, Separovic's new website suggests their clients could claim:

  • Weekly payments of compensation while you are certified unfit for work.
  • Payment of medical treatment expenses.
  • Payment of rehabilitation expenses.
  • Payment of travel and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • Final Lump Sum Payment Negotiated and Received at the Conclusion of the Claim. Lump sum payments are TAX-FREE.
  • If you have in excess of a 15% Whole Person Impairment, you can bring a common law negligence damages claim against your employer and claim additional compensation.
  • Common law damages in a negligence claim brought against a “third party”, which is an entity other than your employer.

Their car accident injury compensation lawyers specialise in claims involving rear end and head on collisions, failing to stop or give way accidents, pedestrian- and passenger-related accidents, as well as motorcycle and bicycle accidents. Those who have been injured due to negligent driving could be entitled to receive:

  • General Damages for your actual injury.
  • Loss of Wages. From the date of the accident until the date you receive your lump sum payment, and importantly, calculated into the future, until your retirement age.
  • Medical Treatment Expenses and Other Expenses or Financial Losses.
  • Final Lump Sum Payment Negotiated and Received at the Conclusion of the Claim.

Customer feedback on one past case says that Separovic Injury Lawyers “took the time to offer great detail in assisting with a distressing Workers’ Compensation matter. I have nothing but absolute praise for Simon’s contribution to my case. He was incredibly well researched and familiar with the circumstances and I had every confidence in his capability from the beginning.”

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Separovic Injury Lawyers is one of Perth’s oldest and well-established Plaintiff-based Injury Compensation Law Firms. The principal and founder, Tony Separovic, who in 1985 commenced practicing as an Injury Lawyer, went on to establish the practice in 1990. Over that time, Tony and his legal team have not only developed a wealth of knowledge and legal expertise in representing thousands of injured victims in their claims but importantly continue to be passionate about their work. To view the services available or get a consultation, go to


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