Seoul Public Project, Design Competition in One Place

- Seoul metropolitan government, build an integrated public project, design competition homepage, Let's Design Seoul - To be accessible to information on design competitions and offer predictable integrated design competition administrative service - To continue to promote Seoul's city/architectural policies and designs after a design competition is finished - To operate the homepage in English in order for foreign architects to participate in a competition without difficulties


Seoul metropolitan government announced that the homepage – Let’s Design Seoul ( – Everything about Seoul public project design competitions – will officially open on September 12, 2016. It is believed that all public project design competitions held by Seoul will be available.

In the past, individually developed and operated homepages to promote design competitions. Therefore, promotion of design competitions was made based on businesses’ scale and awareness. In addition, due to the lack of consistent homepage maintenance after design competitions are done, there was historical valuable data loss such as prize-award data at competitions.

For this reason, there has been voices suggesting that a homepage needs to be built, which can provide systematic information on design competitions and is able to be continuously maintained, through integrate homepages operated. 

Seoul metropolitan government is planning to offer integrated design competition administrative service, which is easy to access to information on design competitions and predictable, through building an integrated public project design competition homepage called Let’s Design Seoul, bringing all design competition information in single website.

Moreover, the homepage for Let’s Design Seoul offers various design competition information from the past and ongoing design competitions held by Seoul to planned   information. Even after a competition is finished, Seoul, with the continuous maintenance, plans to promote its city/architectural policies and designs by using this website as a cyber-exhibition such as displaying winner-work and public architectures’ work.  

Additionally, in order for foreign architects to participate in competitions without difficulties, Seoul will be operating the homepage in English, making it easier to access to information on competitions. It is expected to invigorate international participation in design competitions.

Kim Taehyung (Director-General of the urban space improvement bureau) said the integrated design competition homepage Let’s Design Seoul is a chance to share information on public architectures with citizens and introduce our architectural culture to the world. He added that he will pay attention to it to make it as a space where all information is shared with citizens by systematically maintaining and promoting and where architectural culture of Seoul can be globally introduced. 

Source: Seoul Metropolitan Government

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