seoClarity Launches ClarityAutomate, the Next Generation of SEO Technology

New Platform Solves Challenge of SEO Implementation

After a decade of working with thousands of enterprise clients, seoClarity, the most trusted name in enterprise SEO platforms, announces the launch of ClarityAutomate a groundbreaking new platform that solves the most fundamental roadblock to achieving SEO results: execution

In fact, according to a survey of 1,200 enterprise SEOs, 52% report waiting weeks or even months for SEO fixes to be implemented, citing a lack of SEO and dev resources. 

"We heard from enterprise SEO teams that, too often, their challenge is not the lack of data or insights or knowing what to do, rather, it's the ability to implement the changes needed," said Mitul Gandhi, co-founder and Chief Architect of seoClarity. "Every day spent waiting to implement changes is another day they fall behind competitors."

Built with this challenge in mind, ClarityAutomate empowers SEOs to take control of their results, tackling gaps in technology, skills and resources to execute SEO changes in real time through its innovative no-code SEO technology. 

"ClarityAutomate provides SEOs the agility they need to quickly implement fixes, test new ideas and achieve results fast," Gandhi remarked. 

With ClarityAutomate, SEOs can:

  • Make critical fixes across millions of live pages in seconds
  • Overcome CMS limitations when optimizing pages
  • Add new SEO improvements without dev or engineering support
  • Deploy schema, test new ideas

… and much, much more.

In development and testing for over two years, ClarityAutomate enables clients like SpareFoot, a self-storage marketplace, to experience firsthand the power of this new technology.

"A successful SEO strategy is about being able to get work done in a timely manner," said Meredith Raico, SEO Director at SpareFoot. "ClarityAutomate has enabled us to take immediate action on the things that really have an impact on performance."

Equipped with flexible implementation and a powerful logic engine within seoClarity's award-winning technology, users of ClarityAutomate can finally progress on their SEO project list with consistency, precision and ease — all within a matter of minutes — not days, weeks or months.

"ClarityAutomate really is the next generation of SEO automation," Gandhi said. "SEOs can investigate, test and then implement any number of changes across their site with total confidence, skipping the dreaded dev queue."

ClarityAutomate: Page Optimizer is the first release in a series of new capabilities planned for seoClarity's full ClarityAutomate roadmap this year, designed to tackle the most difficult SEO tasks across the SEO industry. 

Current clients can reach out to their Client Success Manager for more information, and all enterprise SEOs experiencing similar challenges are encouraged to sign up for a demo to see if Page Optimizer by ClarityAutomate is a good match for their needs.

Contact: Mary Kate Mack

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