SEO Tips From the Social Media Expert Cyril Peretti​

It's much harder to implement SEO retroactively, says Cyril. "We try to encourage people to start working on it at a very early stage of development. With one of our clients, we started talking to them about a year and a half before they built their website".

SEO tips from the social media expert Cyril Peretti​ (LikeSocialBiz)

Cyril Peretti, social media marketing expert and president of Likesocialbiz, spends every day helping major brands put social media marketing to work to accomplish their marketing objectives. Because he’s a practitioner rather than a pontificator, Cyril talks are filled with practical advice that can engage and excite audiences regardless of their technical savvy. He has developed social media marketing strategies for some of the world’s best-known brands and celebrities including Playboy, Ed Hardy, Mr Brainwash, Christian Audigier ... Mr Peretti has also worked with smaller businesses ranging from tech start-ups to locals businesses around the world.

"It's increasingly important because of how quickly multiple aspects of search are developing,". "We hear a lot about mobile search becoming more popular, but desktop search is growing too - it's just that mobile is growing exponentially faster."

Cyril Peretti


According to US digital marketing, an estimated 73 per cent of searchers never venture beyond the first page of results. Studies vary, but it seems likely that organic search results – those thrown up naturally by Google’s ever-evolving algorithms (the computer formulae that drive the search engine) – glean about 90 per cent of clicks, compared to 10 per cent for paid-for results, despite the latter being more prominently placed.

Complicating matters, in April, Google enforced a game-changer: in response to the rising use of mobile devices for accessing the internet, it began to consign websites that are not optimised for smartphones or tablets to lower page rankings for any searches made using these handheld devices.

In short, more than at any other time, any company that hasn’t already got SEO on its radar needs to sit up and take notice, or miss out on swathes of invaluable web traffic. Here are some things  business leaders need to know, according to the experts to the owner of the international company Likesocialbiz owned by Cyril Peretti and his vice president, Alain Alava.

 SEO is growing in significance

“It’s increasingly important because of how quickly multiple aspects of search are developing,”. it’s just that mobile is growing exponentially faster.

It’s a perpetual work in progress…

Back when Google was a fledgling start-up which could only dream of the global domination it now enjoys, SEO was a relatively crude endeavour. Techniques included stuffing pages with keywords and links and other methods now considered nefarious, such as hidden text, duplicate content and “cloaking” – presenting one pool of content to human users and another to Google and its competitors. The emphasis was all on wooing the search engines and not human consumers, which led to a lack of engagement. 

Google has become the giant it is today, though, by catering for its user, and it was never going to stand idle while the quality and relevance of search results were being eroded by mischievous exploitation of its algorithms: “Ultimately, Google wants users to have good experiences,” says Cyril.

Anyone can do SEO

If you don’t have the resources to seek external help, there are simple measures you can take to improve your page rankings when creating or updating your online presence. “Firstly, you must understand how people search for your products and services,” says Alain. “Second, produce high-quality, useful and engaging content that is relevant and interesting to your target market. Third, build sites that can be easily read and understood by search engines, which involves having all your content labelled and prioritised properly.

“Fourth, it’s increasingly important to engage online with the aim of creating signals that are important in the eyes of search engines, such as links and social metrics. Last but not least, you should report, review and re-evaluate [regularly]. This stage is vital if you’re going to hone your techniques and learn from past mistakes.”

It’s better to SEO-boost your site from the outset

It’s much harder to implement SEO retroactively, says Cyril. “Our Team try to encourage people to start working on it at a very early stage of development. With one of our clients, LikeSocialbiz started talking to them about a year and a half before they built their website. “The SEOs need to be involved from a very early stage in the project, so they can say, ‘This is the rough framework of what you should do, these are the times you need to involve an SEO to help out, these are the sign-off stages’. It’s like a project manager’s role – to protect or grow organic traffic.”

For Alain, SEO is all about “eliminating risk and adding benefit. The more planning you can do, the quicker and more accurate the execution will be. It’s about taking a project right through and being a part of it – like a major stakeholder – for a long period of time.”


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