SEO Service Specialist Now Offers to Clear Negative Publicity from First Five Pages

SEO specialists, DXSEO now offers to wipe of negative publicity from the first five pages of search engines

Redondo Beach, CA SEO service( ) company, DX SEO has recently announced that they can get rid of negative publicity in the first five pages. The comprehensive strategy is inclusive of a wide variety of techniques including positive postings, maximizing web content, creating micro press releases, etc. Thus, all negative opinions about a business are pushed back, with Google showing sites that talk positive about the company.

"Unfortunately on the internet, any publicity does not amount to good publicity, especially for those who are in the ecommerce industry. Like conventional businesses, ecommerce thrives on trust. This makes them especially vulnerable to scammers/competitors who spread bad press about your service or product. And like all things in life, bad news spreads fast," says, Austin Phillips. Our company, DXSEO has handled several prestigious projects that include reality TV show stars.

Reputation management isn't always a onetime job. It also includes maintaining a business's image on a monthly basis, or cleaning up negative publicity by devaluing negative reviews. "We're more like a watch dog; always on the guard for any negative publicity that hits on Google. Our clients can be assured that their reputation is safe and secure, and is monitored 24x7 by us," adds Austin. The SEO service( ) company has a wide clientele base that ranges from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to the local dentists. Besides writing positive reviews about the clients product or service, they also help with articles, write-ups, etc.

Clients can choose from 4 different packages; the BASIC pack for clean up from the first page, the STANDARD pack for clean up from the first two pages, the BUSINESS pack for three page cleanup and the PRO pack for five page clean up. The choice of package is largely dependent on the impact of the negative publicity.

Besides online reputation management, the company offers a wide range of SEO services, including PPC, social bookmarking, Social Media Optimization, and other services like keyword research analysis, back link reporting, back link building, etc. Clients can decide the level of SEO service they want by choosing from Basic SEO staff or Dedicated SEO staff.

About DXSEO: DXSEO is a premium service provider of SEO services and helps business owners to achieve brand awareness and online visibility.

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