Senzo Secures an Additional $1.8m Investment for Its Novel Rapid Home-Test Diagnostic Platform

Senzo Health Limited (London, UK) ("Senzo"), a life sciences company developing high-accuracy, low-cost, point-of-care diagnostic technologies, this week announced an additional $1.8m investment for its breakthrough Amplified Lateral Flow (ALF) test technology, advancing its mission to bring high-quality, affordable tests into the home.

Senzo's novel ALF technology is being developed for a wide array of diseases and applications, and significantly increases the accuracy of traditional lateral flow tests, while maintaining their low-cost, rapid time to result, and ease-of-use. Because traditional laboratory tests are comparatively slow and expensive, many diseases are underdiagnosed and, therefore, under-treated. Senzo intends to solve this problem with the development and commercialization of ALF for both at-home and point-of-care settings.

Senzo’s ALF technology works by utilizing an amplification step, dramatically increasing sensitivity, but crucially, without increasing false positives. The result is a lateral flow test with the same sensitivity and specificity as a laboratory-based PCR test, but costing only a few dollars, taking only a few minutes, and requiring no specialist training to conduct— ideal attributes for home and other point-of-care testing.

The performance of Senzo’s ALF platform has been independently validated as having 99% concordance with PCR, as demonstrated through studies with Sheffield University, University College London (UCL), and Lateral DX.

“When a PCR test is able to pick something up early, we're able to pick it up. Our limit of detection is somewhere between 1,000 and 10,000 times better than current lateral flow tests, much closer to PCR levels. What the market doesn't need is another test that is just a screen on the front end ... what we need are tests that are tests of record that can be acted on. That requires performance that is at the level of current central lab PCR tests,” said Jeremy Stackawitz speaking to X-Talks.

Senzo is progressing tests for a wide range of high-need applications, including RSV, Influenza A/B, COVID-19, STIs, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and C, AMR, HIV, C. difficile/Staph/MRSA, Lyme Disease, Veterinary, and Environmental/Industrial.

About Senzo:

Senzo is an in vitro diagnostics company developing a game-changing laboratory-accurate lateral flow test. Today, for many infections, diseases, and patients, laboratory diagnostics are too slow or too expensive. The result is that we treat too late or we don’t treat at all. To solve this problem, Senzo is developing a 10-minute lateral flow test costing only a few dollars with the same accuracy as a laboratory PCR test. This revolution in diagnostics will allow any patient to access gold-standard diagnostics, enable new paradigms from remote care to telemedicine, and empower individuals to understand their own health and manage their own healthcare.

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About Senzo

Senzo has developed a revolutionary lateral flow test with the same accuracy as laboratory-based PCR to unlcok new paradigms from remote care to telemedicine, and empower individuals to understand their own health and manage their own healthcare.

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