Sensorfield LLC Selected by Chevron Technology Ventures for Catalyst Program

​​Houston-based Sensorfield LLC, developer of a modular suite of wireless sensors and cloud-based software for industrial monitoring, announced its participation in Chevron Technology Ventures’ (CTV) Catalyst Program. CTV’s Catalyst Program was created to support early-stage companies advancing cutting-edge technologies that can directly benefit the oil and gas industry. 

Sensorfield’s novel end-to-end remote industrial monitoring system enables high-resolution, real-time data collection and monitoring. Relying on open standards as well as industry-standard protocols, the company has developed low-cost, solar-powered wireless sensors that integrate seamlessly into existing industrial production and information systems. 

“Technology has finally reached the point where embedded solar-powered, plug-and-play industrial wireless sensors are possible at a low cost,” said Sensorfield founder and CEO Strode Pennebaker. “Our exciting new association with Chevron is a major step in our goal to bring cost-effective, high-quality intelligent remote monitoring to asset owners at any scale.”

Sensorfield’s system allows remote assets to be monitored from an office computer or any mobile device. Such flexibility allows engineers and field operators to access data when, where and how it is most needed. Unlike other monitoring systems, Sensorfield’s unique, small devices are a fraction of the cost of traditional SCADA systems and can be installed in minutes by the operator’s own personnel. Using a new long-range wireless communication protocol, these Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices can transmit real-time data even in dense industrial settings such as congested processing facilities and refineries. They can also be deployed in indoor environments, running on rechargeable internal batteries or connected to an external power source. Universal ports on the transmitters provide customers the opportunity to easily integrate third-party and custom sensors.

Sensorfield is a fast-growing company with systems deployed throughout the United States. Acceptance into the Catalyst program will accelerate further development of its technology platform across its current customer base and is expected to lead to additional enterprise-scale growth.

About Chevron Technology Ventures

Since its inception in 1999, CTV has pushed energy’s frontiers through the continuous pursuit of new business models and externally developed technologies that enhance the way Chevron produces and delivers affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner energy. Fostering innovation both within Chevron and across the energy landscape, CTV champions the integration of solutions that address current business needs and those of tomorrow. Through its technology deployments and venture capital portfolio, CTV supports a wide range of pioneers that are shaping the future of energy.

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Source: Sensorfield LLC

About Sensorfield, LLC

Sensorfield provides an end-to-end remote industrial monitoring system that includes wireless, low-cost, solar-powered, self-installed, plug-and-play sensors that enable high-resolution, real-time data collection and monitoring.

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