Senior Communities and Nursing Homes Use Accushield to Screen Visitors Based on Their Temperature

The Accushield visitor sign-in kiosk helps Senior Living Communities and Skilled Nursing facilities automate the visitor sign-in and COVID-19 screening process.

Visitor sign-in and screening kiosk for Senior Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities

The CDC’s communication for all healthcare facilities regarding the COVID-19 outbreak includes the following recommendation:

"Screen patients and visitors for symptoms of acute respiratory illness (e.g., fever, cough, difficulty breathing) before entering your healthcare facility."

The Accushield visitor sign-in kiosk includes customizable Coronavirus Screening Questions for all visitors. Those visitors who answer “Yes” to any of the coronavirus risk factor questions are be prompted via the Accushield kiosk to see Community Staff. In addition, when a visitor selects "Yes" to one of the health-related questions, a text message is instantly sent from the Accushield kiosk to Community Management.

Now, many senior living communities are enacting the additional precaution of taking the temperature of ALL visitors, even those with no admitted risk factors, prior to entering resident areas.

To help in this process, Accushield has modified its Coronavirus Screening Protocol to give communities the option to record the body temperature of their visitors and set community alerts based on the visitor risk factors. 

The Body Temperature capture feature is just one way that Accushield is working with its Accushield Partner Communities to adapt to the changing regulation and protocol surrounding the coronavirus response. 

The coronavirus screening question(s) and body temperature capture feature will be available free of charge for all Accushield Partner Communities starting today. For more information, please contact Accushield at or call 404-301-3101.

About Accushield: The Accushield Visitor Management System replaces the paper sign-in logs at entrances to Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care,  CCRC'S, and Skilled Nursing Facilities with a touchscreen, badge-printing Kiosk that signs-in families, friends, third-party healthcare providers and vendors.

Source: Accushield, LLC