Seminal Prince George's Rising Report on Inclusive Economic Growth Released for Comment

First report of its kind on spurring equitable and inclusive growth in Prince George's County

The Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund (PGCSIF) released a report today, Prince George's Rising, on increasing economic growth and equity in the county ( 

The report, written by Steve Brigham of Public Engagement Associates (and a Board member of PGCSIF) is the first and most rigorously researched report to date on how to spur economic growth in Prince George’s County while simultaneously increasing racial and economic equity.  At more than 150 pages, it provides deep county-specific data analysis, historical review, successful examples in other jurisdictions, and actionable recommendations for inclusive and robust economic growth in this all-important jurisdiction in the National Capital Region.

In a time of historic bull markets and unprecedented growth nationally, Prince George’s County has developed one of the fastest growing economies in the state over the last several years. This is evidenced by development such as National Harbor, MGM Grand Casino, the University of Maryland Capital Region Health, and the College Park Innovation District, among others. The Social Innovation Fund’s greatest hope and expectation is that Prince George’s’ growth will reach all Prince Georgians equally.

Prince George’s Rising not only gives a cogent and precise analysis of the current situation but also concrete actions that local actors can take to ensure a future with economic opportunity for all. The report’s actionable recommendations span areas from economic development to workforce and entrepreneurial development to housing and transportation.  The report’s high impact and bold recommendations include:

●     Invest in Robust Anchor Partnerships with University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) and University of Maryland Capital Regional Health (UMCRH). Determinedly pursue more robust and fully developed anchor partnerships with UMCP and UMCRH as well as other key higher education and health stakeholders like Bowie State University, Prince George’s Community College, and Kaiser Permanente, among others.

●     Scale Up Support and Investment in Local Entrepreneurs. Scale up programs and initiatives that support local entrepreneurs by building up networks and greater access to capital as well as organizing core incubation and acceleration activities for those that are most promising. 

●     Accelerate Equitable Transit-Oriented Development (TOD). Accelerate equitable TOD projects in the three new downtowns (Largo Town Center, New Carrollton, and Prince George’s Plaza), along the Purple Line (Riverdale and Langley Park), and where new employment centers are planned or emerging (Branch Avenue, Suitland, and Greenbelt).

●     Leverage College Park Innovation District. Make the success of the College Park innovation district a top economic priority, continuing the investment of university, County, and private dollars so that it becomes one of the premier innovation hubs in the region.

●     Expand Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI) Services and the Number of Communities It Serves. Expand the TNI to further enable these underinvested communities and their residents to live in safe neighborhoods, with greater access to more amenities, in which high-quality community schools effectively serve students’ academic needs and aspirations and the social service needs of their families, and in which the impacts of environmental pollution are significantly reduced if not eliminated.

●     Significantly Increase the Use of Community Benefits Agreements. Commit to an ethos of well-structured and fair Community Benefits Agreements for all large-scale developments and for all smaller developments in which low-income neighborhood residents are at risk of adverse impacts.

●     Create a Cross-sector, Countywide Alliance for Equity and Prosperity. Implement a county-wide, multi-sector Alliance for Equity and Prosperity (All4Equity) that commits to implement policies, initiatives, and projects around this Prince George’s Rising framework. Utilize a similar alliance-based approach in projects and in policy-making (e.g., equitable TOD) that are more specific and bounded within this equity and prosperity framework.

Steve Brigham, lead author and Principal at Public Engagement Associates: “Prince George’s County stands on the threshold of significant change – and growth. It is poised to rise...The question is whether our county will rise for everyone or only a few. Prince George’s Rising is a roadmap for ensuring that all boats are lifted by this rising tide.”

Tonia Wellons, Founder at Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund: “Prince George’s Rising is a clarion call that a society in which all can participate and prosper—has become more than a moral issue … It is now an economic imperative.”

Mark Lawrence, Managing Partner at Inncuvate and Board Chairman at Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund: “Prince George’s Rising highlights with evidence and passion that for a county like ours to do well, we need to invest in and build a system so that all people participate. If we do what this report recommends we can create growth that is enduring for all no matter where you start from. What we will begin here in Prince George’s County will be a model for inclusive growth for the country.”

About Public Engagement Associates: The mission of Public Engagement Associates is to help improve the quality and effectiveness of citizen and stakeholder engagement on important policy and planning issues for clients and projects across the Mid-Atlantic region.

About PGCSIF: The Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund’s mission is to build social capital and invest in new approaches to solving social challenges in Prince George's County.

Our vision is to continuously identify appropriate models that support the County’s infrastructure across public, private, religious, and nonprofit sectors for improved quality of life.

Media Contact:

Steve Brigham

Principal at Public Engagement Associates


Tonia Wellons

Founder at Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund


Source: Prince George's County Social Innovation Fund


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