Semantics3 and Jamaica Customs Agency Partner to Bring Artificial Intelligence to Customs Calculations for eCommerce Packages

Jamaica Customs Agency Presents eCommerce Duty Estimator Powered By Semantics3

​​Today, Andre Williams, Chief Information Officer of the Jamaica Customs Agency, announced the launch of the eCommerce Duty Estimator for all of the Agency’s staff, courier company partners, and residents of Jamaica. This partnership with Semantics3 uses Artificial Intelligence to provide estimates of requisite duties and tariffs of eCommerce shipments before they are shipped.  

The service is being made available for the purpose of searching and obtaining the value (price) of an item from eCommerce websites such as Amazon, eBay and Alibaba using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and based on the item details provided by the end-user. The service also includes the list of possible HS-Codes for the purpose of classification and calculating the estimated amount payable in relation to attributable duties and taxes.  

“This partnership is a world first and creates a new gold standard for duty calculators. As eCommerce volumes grow exponentially, the roll-out of this calculator is a smart solution for both the revenue management and risk management mandates of the Jamaica Customs Agency,” said Semantics3 Head of Customs Partnerships Raj Bhandari.

“We are delivering fast and more efficient services to our importers and eCommerce couriers. This will indeed be a game-changer,” said Andre Williams, Chief Information Officer of the Jamaica Customs Agency. 

The launch of the new tool, available on the web, cements the leadership position of the Jamaica Customs Agency for bringing innovation to the space of global trade. In a precedent-setting move, CEO/Commissioner of the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) Velma Ricketts Walker was recently elected by the membership of the World Customs Organisation (WCO) to serve as Chairperson of the WCO’s Capacity Building Committee (CBC).

This new service has been provisioned through a partnership with Semantics3 and can now be accessed via the Jamaica Customs website, ASYCUDA World portal or directly using the URL:

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Semantics3 is a global eCommerce solutions provider, now delivering customs solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence to customs agencies and logistics companies around the world. Its eCommerce duty estimation reduces the load for manual review of eCommerce shipments by 95%. Its solutions for customs agencies allows for classification and audit of eCommerce shipments at scale. For inquiries, please email

About Jamaica Customs Agency

Jamaica Customs has three specific mandates: the equitable collection of revenue, protection of Jamaica’s borders against illicit imports and the facilitation of trade. In addition to its own laws, Customs enforces over 125 other provisions of law for other agencies. JCA is headed by CEO/Commissioner Valerie Walker, the Chairperson of World Customs Organization’s Capacity Building Committee. Jamaica Customs Agency will also be the host of the World Customs Organization’s annual summit in 2020 in Jamaica.  

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