Sellozo Releases Campaign Studio: Drag-and-Drop Ad Management and Optimization Tool for Businesses Selling on Amazon

Sellozo Introduces Visual Campaign Modeling for Businesses Selling on Amazon

​​​​​​​Sellozo’s Campaign Studio, a significant enhancement to Ad Automation within Sellozo's advanced suite of tools for businesses selling on Amazon, available in the Amazon Marketplace Appstore, gives both sellers and their agencies the ability to easily and quickly optimize campaigns, structures, keywords and more at scale.

“We’re giving advertisers a customizable way to optimize campaigns, harvest search terms that are working and put those search terms to immediate use automatically should they choose,” says Nic Delorme, Sellozo’s CEO. “This ability to effectively customize campaign strategies at scale is a first in the Amazon ad industry,” he continued, “and possibly the digital ad ecosystem in general.”

Campaign Studio uses visual modeling, paired with campaign blueprints or custom templates, to effectively plan and map campaign strategies according to preset objectives. Advertisers can also develop their own custom template to suit the needs of specific objectives. For example, custom blueprints enable sellers and agencies to optimize for broad, phrase or exact keywords and then automatically move those keywords from auto to manual campaigns, based on specific criteria, and replicate this model across other campaigns or agency clients.

Getting started with Campaign Studio is as easy as selecting an objective from a list of campaign blueprints – for example, Increase Sales, Keyword Discovery, etc. – or creating a custom blueprint. Regardless of the selected objective, each template is customizable, confidential and reusable, making it possible for sellers and agencies to implement custom campaign strategies at scale and with only a few clicks. 

Nitin Mamillapally, Sellozo’s co-founder and head of product, adds, "We’re pretty proud of what we’ve put together for our clients. I’m not aware of anything that allows that in this space. Until now.”

In addition, Campaign Studio offers a truly flexible solution for migration from other platforms. Since it supports any campaign structure for sponsored product ads, including both keyword and ASIN targeting, sellers can now benefit from improved performance for their PPC advertising and ad automation.

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Sellozo offers an à la carte, comprehensive suite of intelligent tools for Amazon sellers. As a member of the Amazon Global Selling Solution Provider Network and the AWS Partner Network, our primary goal is to improve both ad and sales performance for sellers: we automate the tedious stuff, analyze a wealth of data and package it all up into intuitive reporting and tools, powered by real data and backed by exceptional support, that Amazon sellers need.

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Sellozo provides a complete suite of comprehensive, intelligent tools for Amazon Sellers. We automate the tedious stuff, analyze a wealth of data, package it into intuitive reporting and tools, powered by real data and backed by exceptional support.

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