Sello Launches Innovative Wine Preservation System

Sello provides consumers with a new wine preservation solution that effectively maintains the original tastes and aromas of wine. The system is based on a simple and modern design that utilizes active packaging technology to preserve open bottles of wine. It is a proven method commonly employed by food and beverage manufacturers nationwide. Sello is currently patent pending in the United States and international markets.

The Sello Wine Preservation System keeps wine tasting great by reducing oxygen, moisture, temperature, and light. These are the same factors that eventually cause spoilage in all foods and beverages. Natural elements from the Earth are used to regulate both oxygen and moisture in a continuous manner. The original personality of a wine is better maintained by this mechanism of control. It is technology that has been proven to outperform alternative forms of preservation. Sello was designed to bring this capability to your home. The device functions as both a wine preserver and drip-less pourer, making it simple to use.

“Wine is my passion,” said Sello Founder and President Cindy Carsello. “Alternative wine preservation methods change the original essence of wine, so I made it my mission to find a better way. The past few years of my life have been dedicated to creating a simple product that will preserve an open bottle of wine better than anything else available. After an extensive period of research, I developed a product that sustains that distinct character of wine. Sello is the first wine preserver to bring the power of active packaging technology to your home.“

The Sello Wine Preservation System and additional replacement cartridges are available on Sello’s website, The system includes the Sello wine preservation device and 24 cartridges for $49.99. Additional replacement cartridges are sold in 12-packs for $9.99. Sello will soon be available for purchase on and at select retail locations.

About Sello: Chicago-based Sello is a consumer products company focusing on innovative designs and applications. The Sello Wine Preservation System is patent pending in the United States and international markets. Sello is a registered trademark of Sello LLC. To learn more about Sello, visit

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