'Sellerly' by SEMrush Releases a New Tool for Amazon Listing Protection

SEMrush, a leading developer of digital marketing tools, announced the release of its second product in Sellerly toolkit created for Amazon sellers – Listing Protection Tool. This new tool for Amazon listings protection is designed to notify sellers about dangerous changes in the ranking of their listings and it is a next step in building a comprehensive toolkit for Amazon sellers. 

"Sellerly was the first step to the new market for our team. But we have much more to offer. We are now launching a new tool in Sellerly toolbox, the Listing Protection Tool, and are planning to add two more tools by the end of the year and make Sellerly a valuable toolkit for Amazon sellers," said Eugene Levin, Chief Strategy Officer at SEMrush.

The Listing Protection Tool by Sellerly allows users to track issues with their own or competing products:

  • Track any number of Listings using URL or ASIN;
  • Track positions of each of your listings for up to 100 keywords;
  • See if the selected seller is winning or losing the buy box;
  • Compare your price for the product and the current price of the listing;
  • Set up email or SMS notifications that will instantly show if you lost the buybox, positions for your keywords, or if the price for the product had been changed.

Mr. Levin says: "We talked to many Amazon sellers before introducing a new tool and many of them said that launching a new product on Amazon is not a one-time job. Keeping an eye on your own or your clients’ listings is essential for a successful brand on Amazon. Losing keyword positions, the price and the buy box can lead to an instant decrease in sales. That’s why you not only need to be able to notice it, but you need to get this information as soon as possible so that you can fix it and get your sales back."

For more details on Sellerly and newly released Listing Protection Tool for Amazon sellers, please refer to sellerly.com

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SEMrush is an online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform that ensures businesses get measurable results from online marketing.

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