'Sell a Home, Save a Child' Passes $2 Million Milestone & Holds Upcoming Adventurous Fundraiser

Sell a Home, Save a Child, a nonprofit movement, passes $2 million in donations, and Real Estate Members literally change the circumstances of children living in poverty.

Over the Edge Event

This year, Sell a Home, Save a Child (SAHSAC) passed the milestone of having raised over $2 million dollars to help children living in impoverished communities gain daily access to clean water, nutritious food, safe shelter, education, trade schools, self-care, spiritual growth, mentorship, and a brighter future.

Originally co-founded in 2016 by Real Estate Brokers Nick Shivers and Erik Hatch, Sell a Home, Save a Child was born out of the idea that individuals want to help those less fortunate. However, well-meaning people don't always know exactly what to do, or how to help, and may not go out of their way to research it. 

As Nick said, "I believe the majority of people in this world want to make a positive difference, and in our busy world sometimes we just don't know specifically how to accomplish that. We want to make it easy, and bring people together, and be impactful."

Through real estate transactions, Nick Shivers and Erik Hatch set up an easy, convenient way to incorporate small commission amounts from real estate transactions to effectively transform the lives of children. Offering an opportunity to any professional (from any company) involved in a real estate transaction to contribute giving into their business through SAHSAC has resulted in incredible fundraising results. SAHSAC partners with Forward Edge International to develop and fund programs in areas of extreme poverty. Both Nick Shivers and Erik Hatch have personally traveled to, met, and helped build and develop buildings and programs in places like Mexico, Nicaragua, Kenya, Uganda, Haiti, and Baltimore, Maryland. Experiencing the life-changing impact these programs are having on communities suffering from poverty has inspired both Nick and Erik to grow this incredible nonprofit movement and continue to grow the amazing, positive impact it is having on youth with oppressive circumstances.

Nick Shivers and Erik Hatch encourage other real estate agents (title reps, insurance agents, etc) to get involved in their non-profit 501(c)(3) movement. Currently, there are 151 active members in the real estate community who are helping to dramatically change kids' lives. Additionally, these members empower their teams and their clients to help make a difference as the leaders in SAHSAC programs work to protect, nurture, and educate kids. Become a member by signing up for the Silver, Gold, or Platinum membership levels and learn more at sellahomesaveachild.org.

SAHSAC is super excited about the opportunity to speak at The Build Conference in Dallas, Texas, August 17-19, put on by Brent Gove of EXP, and featuring Anthony Robbins as the keynote speaker.  www.thebuildconference.com

SAHSAC hosts "OVER THE EDGE": On August 21, 2021, adventurous supporters will go "OVER THE EDGE" to help raise funds for Sell a Home Save a Child. Supporters will repel over the edge of the Astoria Building, a 10-Story building in Portland, Oregon. Those loving but less adventurous will enjoy dinner and refreshments at the Rooftop Bar, all helping to raise $100k to increase the number of children able to be served through SAHSAC programs. 

SAHSAC is also honored to present at Erik Hatch's annual HATCHSUMMIT in Fargo, North Dakota, September 22-24, 2021, an invaluable investment: www.hatchcoaching.com/hatch-summit/

Source: Sell a Home, Save a Child